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Best Senior Prank Ever: When The Cops Congratulate You, You Did Good!

Best Senior Prank Ever: When The Cops Congratulate You, You Did Good!

May starts the wave of high school graduations that will take place across the United States. Approximately 3.6 million students are expected to graduate this year. That’s 3.6 million students that are going through the final throes of “senior-itis” in classes, just waiting for the evening that they put on the cap and gown, get their high school diploma, and get welcomed into the real world in a rude and abrupt fashion. But don’t tell them that last part…they’ve only got hours or days left, let them enjoy their time as school students until then.

I burned through three high schools in my career, each having their own senior class tradition. Senior Skip Day was one, DGAF Day was another (you dressed up to purposefully raise eyebrows and laughter) and then, there was the Senior Prank. I’ve been told stories of Volkswagens being broken down and re-assembled in the gym, or 15,000 rubber bouncy balls being let loose in the halls, and even one story involving a roaming horse in the hallways. But the class of 2018 at Cumberland High School in Wisconsin did a killer job: they hacked up a 1990s Pontiac Grand Am GT, and using black tape and a black tarp, made it look like the car had nailed the wall of the school building. The school district and the police department were actually pretty impressed with the prank (and happy that there was no damage that was real).

In case you were wondering, the night of my graduation, they had put our names on folding chairs on the football field. Quite a few of those chairs ended up in the trunk of my Chrysler in the ensuing chaos after the ceremony was over. Mine might still be at my stepmother’s house!

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5 thoughts on “Best Senior Prank Ever: When The Cops Congratulate You, You Did Good!

  1. Brendan M

    MIT in Boston has had some good ones on their famous domed building. One class decorated it in an R2-D2 motif, while another made it into a giant boob. All very creative.

  2. Jeff

    My 63 Savoy 426 Wedge did well at senior burn out day, earned me a citation for reckless exhibition of speed. No fine just a written warning in 1969 lol

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