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Blind Man Sets Record At Bonneville! On A Motorcycle No Less

Blind Man Sets Record At Bonneville! On A Motorcycle No Less

Former Pro Mod racer Dan Parker, who lost his sight during a horrific crash behind the wheel of his Corvette Pro Mod car in early 2012, has entered the record books on the Bonneville Salt Flats. During this week’s BUB Motorcycle Speed Trials, Parker ran 55.331 miles per hour. Remember, he’s blind, and operated this three wheel motorcycle all on his own. How did he know where he was going though? Well Dan had a GPS unit that audibly signaled him when he got off course, so that he knew which way to go if a correction was needed. This makes Dan only the second blind person to operate a vehicle totally on their own, and most certainly makes him the fastest. What we find interesting is that Dan Parker is a racer. With sight or without, he’s a racer. So how fast do you think Dan is going to go next time?

He hasn’t announced that he will run again, but lets face it, once a racer always a racer. Congratulations to the team and the National Federation of the Blind that helped make this a reality.

Photos by Cyril Huze Post




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One thought on “Blind Man Sets Record At Bonneville! On A Motorcycle No Less

  1. Dan Stokes

    Photos NOT taken at Bonneville!

    Very cool for him and the folks who helped him.

    Those not familiar with LSR – first of all there are no tricycle classes so I don’t know how they worked that out.

    Secondly, LOTS of good running happens at below 100 MPH, with these racers meeting real difficulties and overcoming those issues. Small displacement motorcycle racers are a fraternity of their own and some really obscure iron gets run – old Italian and other engines, often in little bitty road race chassis.

    Add on top of this that Dan is blind. He has more cajones that I have – think of trying this with a blindfold on! Hats off to him for keeping on keeping on – once a racer always a racer. Bet he’ll be back and faster the next time.

    Chad – thanks for reporting this. We need more stories like this, with folks triumphant against the odds.


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