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Automotive Insanity Defined: Ken Block’s AWD, 845hp Mustang Gymkhana Car

Automotive Insanity Defined: Ken Block’s AWD, 845hp Mustang Gymkhana Car

Ken Block’s entire career has pretty much ran non-stop on the result of taking the established concept of car control and launching that book into a woodchipper. Ever since the original Gymkhana video, his reason for living has revolved around high-output AWD cars and the things that he can make them do…sincerely, the man can turn several hundred horsepower and four wheels into the loudest form of ice dancing ever seen, and pulls moves that some skaters could only dream of. Over the years his rides have changed, from a Subaru WRC Impreza to a Ford Focus and Fiesta WRCs, and we can’t forget his Ford Raptor that sits on tracks. But his new ride somehow manages to make all of them look f***kin’ tame by comparison.

Meet the “Hoonicorn”.

block stang 2

Built with help from RTR, the 1965 Mustang is what happens when gear heads from all walks come together and collaborate without the ability to say “no”. NASCAR-inspired 410ci Roush-Yates V8 that pushes obscene power through a six-speed manual? Yep. Velocity stacks to a scoop? Done.  All-wheel drive? Oh, yeah. Soundtrack that would make a super car piss it’s coolant out in fear? Oh, yeah. Graphics package that scares children? Got it. The ability to make all of it work with the kind of  precision that the Europeans strive towards? Done and done. This Mustang has all the poise, control and sanity of an Andrew W.K. concert’s mosh pit and it’s just as loud and fun as you’d expect. And DEAR GOD THAT NOISE.

Sure, this car is going to piss off a lot of people for numerous reasons, but we don’t care. This is a combination of every good idea possible in the automotive world, and it works better than anyone could hope for. Rally cars are badass, don’t get us wrong, but if there was ever anything missing out of any of Block’s Gymkhana videos, it was a severely pissed-off V8 soundtrack, and the noise this Mustang makes is enough to keep children up at night in fear and adults up at night with lust and jealousy. We would love to see video footage of the first time Ken gave this rolling sociopath a good kick to the pedal in anger…that facial reaction would be priceless.

Block’s Mustang will be unveiled at SEMA, and will be seen driving in anger in the upcoming Gymkhana 7 video. Hey, Ken? If you’re ever feeling generous…and a bit out of your head…please feel free to give us a call if you want to let someone else drive this thing. We’ll pay for lunch, we promise. Hell, we’ll cover the bar tab too.

block stang 4

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6 thoughts on “Automotive Insanity Defined: Ken Block’s AWD, 845hp Mustang Gymkhana Car

  1. Sumgai

    I like it. Still not as cool as the RTR-X in my opinion, but would look good sitting next to it. Would like to see a build chronicle like the one the RTR-X had on Speedhunters.

  2. Nick D

    It’s not particularly attractive but I approve of the concept. I’ve wondered for a while when AWD musclecars were going to become a thing.

  3. 75Duster

    Take the vinyl wrap off of it, do it in plain satin black, and it would look like a refugee out of The Road Warrior.

  4. Mopar Man

    Can’t wait to see the Gymkhana Video once it is relased, if you guys see it be sure and post it for us to watch, about time they use a pissed off V8 car for Ken Block’s escapades !

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