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Money No Object: A Killer Crew Cab Cutlass, With 455 Power!

Money No Object: A Killer Crew Cab Cutlass, With 455 Power!

I love it whenever I hear the opinions of those who still believe that anything cool in the automotive world died at the end of 1972. I used to roll my eyes and huff something about nursing homes, but you know what? Right now I’m glad for the myopia of others. It means that cool machines are still somewhat affordable and that some really unique and potentially badass finds are still within the reach of the common man instead of being scooped up to be squirreled away as an investment opportunity. The world did not stop turning in 1972…things didn’t go good for years, everybody knows that, but that doesn’t mean that every last little thing sucked. The Pantera did not suck. Trucks from the Big Three did not suck. And this 1975 Oldsmobile Cutlass does not suck.

Okay, yeah, it’s a four-door. And it isn’t the prettiest year of 1970s Cutlasses. But this Salon model sedan has a few things going for it. 73,xxx miles on the odometer of this two-owner car is already a good start. The paint is recent and still looks fresh, and outside of an aftermarket steering wheel, the interior looks beautiful. “Okay, you have points, McTaggart, but it’s still a four-door 1970s Olds,” I can hear you say. “What’s really going to grab my attention about one of these?”

Hello, 455 cubic inch V8. In 1975, this engine was one year out from knocking at Death’s door, but smog and de-tuning aside, it was still an Oldsmobile 455…the high nickel block and most of the components really hadn’t changed too much. The seller is claiming that maybe 160-something cars like this left the factory. Hurst/Olds, 442s and high-optioned Cutlass Supremes would all be fair game to look at for the big-cube mill, but a lowly Cutlass Salon sedan?

Let any car show dork with their upturned nose sneer at this machine. We’d bring that engine back to 1970 power figures and we’d ditch the parts-store steering wheel for an four-spoke wheel Olds used in their sportier models, and we’d leave well enough alone after that. A big-block sedan that looks this good? We’re all about it.

eBay Link: 1975 Oldsmobile Cutlass Salon

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8 thoughts on “Money No Object: A Killer Crew Cab Cutlass, With 455 Power!

  1. Ted

    Buddy’s Dad bought one of these brand new, the muthagliest colour combo ever seen, orange with a brown roof on tan interior. Just writing it down brings the bile dangerously close to the back of the throat…..gack……Literally the car above’s twin in a different dress. That car motored, and now all these years later it makes you wonder if the guys on the assembly line worked some motor magic to alleviate the boredom they suffered. How a smogged 455 4 dr Cutlass bone stock ran like a mid 14’s 442 was beyond us. Sheesh, I love big cars, only thing better is big cars with factory 4 speeds.

  2. JW

    I guess bucket seats, and a console shifter must have come with the 455(??) Nice looking car.

  3. RK - no relation

    Nicely optioned example! Seems like a lot of car for the price. Even with four doors, you cannot kill the great looks of this car

  4. Bill Greenwood

    The lack of love is understandable, but what does this car really need? A talented fab guy could tuck the bumpers and make them look right. Body color maybe? An intake change, 1.6 roller rockers, a set of headers with 2 1/2″ pipes all the way back, and that 455 picks up enough power to be interesting. Needs a dual snorkle air cleaner with big enough inlets to let the Q-jet breathe, too. Put new carpet in it, and maybe fancy up the seats. Those cars actually handled pretty good (C&D ran an interesting comparo between a 73 Cutlass and a MB 450 SEL), so some modern suspension bolt-ins would be worth the coin. I’d ditch the wheels for some factory 442 pieces, but that’s just me. I’d probably go with a 3.08 gear. That’d get you an honest 135-140 top speed, and thus a comfortable 80+ cruise capability. That car has potential, especially as a 4-door with buckets and console.

  5. Tim A Householder

    \’CREW CAB\’ HAH,…..they were and always will be \’4 door sedans ….that no one wanted except your parents and grandparents…..crew cab….get real

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