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The Simple Recipe: This 1968 Oldsmobile Delmont 88 Is Effortlessly Cool

The Simple Recipe: This 1968 Oldsmobile Delmont 88 Is Effortlessly Cool

Most of the cars I’m aimlessly in love with require every last trick in the book to have some kind of cool factor associated with. That, or an unlimited budget and nobody looking to make sure the entire bank account isn’t being destroyed at a moment’s notice. But there are a few that stand on their own merit, that no BangShifter should or even could be embarrassed to be seen in, and for some reason, I’ve been stuck on Oldsmobile Delmont 88s as a random choice. There is no difference between a Delmont and any other GM B-body…so why do I dig these more than the typical Chevrolet Impala? Oldsmobile power under the hood surely doesn’t hurt. Nothing against a Rat motor, but the torque of a big-cube Olds mill suits me just fine. The styling is always subjective, so let’s leave that neutral. Maybe it’s because every Delmont I’ve seen is sporting slot mags and every time I see one, it’s perfect for what it is and what is being asked for it. 

From the ad:

“This car was a Sparks Nevada car all of it’s life, until I bought it a couple years ago. I have kept it in heated winter storage since I got it.

I drove the car often in the summer, the last two years and have fixed many things. Runs and drives incredibly for an old car.
I added leather Jaguar front bucket seats and hooked up all the power functions.
I have the original bench seat which was re-upholstered and is in good shape. I recently replaced the weather strips on the doors and windows.
New tires and US mag wheels. 15×8 and 15×9, 245×60-15 and 295×50-15. It has a nice sounding single exhaust with a Flowmaster muffler.
 The original dash is cracked up, but I have another that is in great shape.
The car was repainted at some point. Very clean underneath as you would expect a car from Nevada to be. no bondo. Some surface rust in trunk due to cracked weatherstrip.
4bbl aluminum intake and Demon Carburetor, runs great!”
I couldn’t bring myself to alter or adjust anything…except the dash repair. Could you?

eBay Link: 1968 Oldsmobile Delmont 88

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4 thoughts on “The Simple Recipe: This 1968 Oldsmobile Delmont 88 Is Effortlessly Cool

  1. jerry z

    That car is begging for a stick conversion with the bucket seat swap. 4/5/6 speed, pick your choice! I like it!

  2. Greg

    This car, along with the Hornet a week or so ago, are being sold by Jeff Schwartz. If he says it’s a decent car you can take that to the bank.

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