Miss The Look Of The Two-Tone Square-Body Chevy Truck? A Dealership In Minnesota Is Now Taking Orders To Two-Tone Your New Chevy!

Miss The Look Of The Two-Tone Square-Body Chevy Truck? A Dealership In Minnesota Is Now Taking Orders To Two-Tone Your New Chevy!

Square-body Chevrolet trucks had already been in production for ten years the day I was born, so suffice it to say, I’m pretty versed to seeing them around and about. Older or newer, truck or Suburban or Blazer or whatever, they are an iconic design that anybody could own. They work like a pack mule, are stone-simple to maintain, and hold a place in gearhead hearts everywhere. They are just a damn good truck, and millions of people love the way they look. As Chad has mentioned, one of the most memorable looks for the square trucks is the two-tone paint schemes, especially the treatment applied to the 1973-79 trucks.

I saw this truck pop up on Facebook a couple of days ago and thought that someone had put together a really cool custom truck. The paint looks great, and when combined with white-painted versions of the base model’s wagon-spoke wheel on BFG All-Terrain T/As, it has the right look all over. But this wasn’t just someone’s concept…this was a build that Blake Greenfield Chevrolet-Buick in Wells, Minnesota put together, and in a flash-fire of interest, is a concept that the dealership is going to pursue.

According to a Facebook post: “Due to an overwhelming nationwide interest in the custom built truck, Blake Greenfield Chevrolet Buick has made the decision to begin taking orders to customize trucks. Customers can bring in their current trucks to have them customized or buy a used or new truck from one of our dealerships and work with us to customize it. We are currently working on a price guide for prospective customers. Give us a call 507-553-3121. Please share this post on your timelines and with your friends, family, and groups to spread the word!”

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17 thoughts on “Miss The Look Of The Two-Tone Square-Body Chevy Truck? A Dealership In Minnesota Is Now Taking Orders To Two-Tone Your New Chevy!

  1. Andy

    Too bad US Mags U101 17×9 6×5.5 aluminum slots only have 3.5″ back spacing…this truck with a small leveling kit and those wheels would look pretty tough!
    Although, I think only the ’14 & ’15 Silverado’s really lend themselves to this treatment. If done with a wrap…when tired of it, peel it off!

  2. SSNOVA427

    What about the chrome vent visors and tinted deflecta shields.And time to buy stock in Dee Zee running boards .

  3. Chapel

    My ONLY problem with is, is that the white should be leveled at the tail lights.
    The most noticeable part is the tailgate. The white band is too low.

    Otherwise, it’s fantastic and I really really want one of these NeoSquarebodies.

    1. Bob Harbour

      Chapel, I agree. I\’d like to see what it would look if they kicked up the top stripe at a 45 degree angle at the back edge of the wheel well sit should end up just at the start of the Big 10 decal. Then it would be just slightly below the taillight and on the tailgate they could follow the bodyline just above the latch.

  4. LoneWolf 573

    Chapel , you are right on one point–the white being level with the tail light , but the tail light design on the new truck are much taller than the 73-79 trucks. so to me the paint is sized right–and matches the sides. One point on the paint colors used on the trim is the yellow stripe inside the black trim. This was only used on one model year (1977 I think) GM had a women on the team then. But overall the trucks look killer with the Retro trim paint—–good job

  5. Mr This Guy

    Growing up in a dealership, the only trucks that had no side trim or moldings were the cheap, basemodels. Now every truck looks like a cheap base model. I\’m really surprised at how little it took to make these otherwise bulbous, proportional behemoths look decent.

  6. Gary palmer

    Just like that commercial on TV…the people who came up with this….”Promote that guy!”

  7. Nitromike66

    The truck looks great, the only downside I can see is how much more money is this going to cost on an already overpriced $60k pickup?

  8. Sam

    Friggin GREAT idea! The only thing that would really take it over the top would be getting a company like LMC to build a trim kit to match the truck!

  9. Ted

    Can’t make candy out of dog sh&!. These trucks are just too damned ugly, sorry. Detroit excess at it’s best, too big, too many add ons, put one next to a 71 C10 and explain to me why a truck is adorned like a Cadillac and priced like one as well.

    1. Shane

      Are you serious, Americans expect more today including me. I loved the old trucks….. but seriously unless you have been under a rock you know how much better they have gotten.

    2. Shane

      Also, how many of those had 100k on them. Let alone 200 or more. Like zero unless you had an older Toyota. Things are better even if you don’t agree

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