Money No Object: This 1939 Chevrolet Hauler Rules All! Big-Block Power FTW!

Money No Object: This 1939 Chevrolet Hauler Rules All! Big-Block Power FTW!

Yeah, I’ve been in the Barrett-Jackson catalog again. At least, with the weather outside going to hell in a handbasket, I’ve got a reason to look at cars I can’t afford and dream about what could be. Case in point: this 1939 Chevrolet hauler build. Look, I’ll level with you, readers: I’m not keen on a lot of things pre-1960. There’s a disconnect, but there’s also the issue that humans were smaller back then and my oddly-proportioned giant frame has had trouble getting comfortable in the likes of Tri-Five Chevrolets and Oldsmobile Holiday coupes. But just look at this truck!

If you want to know where semi tractors and pretty much every Dodge truck built since 1994 get their overall shape from, look at the front of this Chevrolet: one tall radiator for cooling, two rounded fenders to cover the tires, and lights right where they are needed. Done and done…it’s simple design, but it’s beautiful design, especially when it’s cleaned up and wearing fresh paint. The body is all steel from the cab forward, and the bed is a 2015 CM ER model that has lighting, hitches, and boxes for storage. Power comes from a 468 Chevrolet hooked to a TH400, which pushes power out to a 14-inch full-floater 31-spline 8-lug axle. The rear suspension is also fitted with air bags to act as overload springs. 

Inside the truck it’s all leather and copper paint, with air conditioning, tunes, and seats that look like they will never, ever get uncomfortable. You could have a medium-duty late-model truck to haul things with and that’s fine…but one look at this Chevrolet and I know which one I’d rather have. Hell, I’d modify the floor for legroom on this truck if I didn’t fit!

Barrett-Jackson Scottsdale 2018: Lot #191 – 1939 Chevrolet Series JA Truck

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3 thoughts on “Money No Object: This 1939 Chevrolet Hauler Rules All! Big-Block Power FTW!

  1. Braktrcr

    Drop dead gorgeous, in my opinion. Looks like it was a labor of love, without thought to expense, likely knowing that the money will never be recovered. Best of luck to buyer and seller


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