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CRAZY RARE V8 4 Speed STATION WAGON (Is it Worth Saving?)

CRAZY RARE V8 4 Speed STATION WAGON (Is it Worth Saving?)

I’m a wagon freak, and when my Grandpa decided to rebuild a Studebaker truck in the early 2000’s I followed him around to some Studebaker wrecking yards in search of parts. While at one in Dallas, I first saw a Studebaker station wagon that had a retractable roof. I was blown away and loved it. Well, now Tommy Lee Byrd is in love with one, and for good reason. These things are awesome.

Tommy’s is rare, so he may not hot rod it much, but overall these wagons are just cool because of the lines and the way the roof works. It was intended to offer more cargo-carrying room for tall stuff if you were hauling things home from the appliance store or hardware store. Regardless of how you use it, having a sliding roof is rad and we think this thing would make an awesome cruising machine for hot rod events. Check it out.

Video Description:

Is this ABANDONED V8 floor shifted station wagon too rough? This 1964 Studebaker Daytona Wagonaire is definitely the rarest vehicle I’ve ever owned. A floor shifted 4 speed with a 289ci V8 under the hood. This thing is extremely rare. We’re so excited to have found this car, and we got a bonus parts car with it (wait for a future video). Let’s dig deep into the history on this car, as I research it and get all the legit info from the Studebaker National Museum. This thing is so ugly and so rusty and so rough, but I think I’m in love.

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2 thoughts on “CRAZY RARE V8 4 Speed STATION WAGON (Is it Worth Saving?)

  1. KCR

    I have a friend that has one of those in unbelievably great shape. He is a total Sude nut. He told me that the retractable roof was NOT an option. To have it where the roof does not retract. That was an option. And as a silly Stue side note. At the Stude proving grounds outside Southbend Indiana. Studebaker used to boast of having the world’s largest sign, or insignia. It was the “S” from their logo. Made up of very large standing pine trees. inside the test track. That was something like a 5 mile long Oval. The “S” was around a mile in length. Really only visible from a very high-flying airplane. Yep, True story!!!

  2. David Chodzinski

    They were 10 years ahead of everyone else.. My Dad, Uncle, Grandparents worked there. Sad day when they closed.

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