Custom Truck Feature: LS Swapped 1950 Studebaker | Bello Build

Custom Truck Feature: LS Swapped 1950 Studebaker | Bello Build

Bello’s Kustoms is owned and operated by Mike Bello who’s one of those SoCal builders everyone knows. He’s got a great attitude, serious metal shaping skills, and an eye for traditional hot rods and customs that doesn’t keep him from doing other fun projects like this 1950 Studebaker. Sure it has that traditional vibe on the outside, but it’s got all the modern stuff inside and underneath. With an LS swap, all modern suspension, including digitally controlled air ride, this truck is as modern as they come. But on the outside the original patina, with a couple tweaks, along with steelies and wide whites, makes it welcome at any traditional style hot rod show. And we dig that. I’d drive the crap out of a truck like this. Wouldn’t you?

My grandfather’s 1950 Studebaker is still in the family, and while it is painted and clean, it has EFI, air ride, and the like as well. It’s a truck that needs some love after sitting for several years, but we’ll be getting it back into shape sometime in 2022 I think.

Until then, I’m going to be inspired by this one that Bello and the crew did.

Check it out and let us know what you think in the comments below.

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5 thoughts on “Custom Truck Feature: LS Swapped 1950 Studebaker | Bello Build

  1. Jeff

    Nice truck but nothing groundbreaking or new to see, same old stuff. Would look a lot better with a paint job. The whole “patina” thing has run its course, let it die please.

  2. Ted

    Forgive me for going on yet again about this look, but do these builders not realize their builds are exactly the same as the gazillions of identical rods that seem to have been puked out of a 3D copier? I honestly don’t get it, is there really no imagination left in the car world?

    Lets see, start building something that could have been significantly different, but wait…instead drop it, beat the paint, mexican blanket, junk lokar shifter with skull knob, oversized ugly as sin wheels, no one has done that right? Yep. Nailed it………….sigh……………


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