Confirmed: Ford’s Halo Performance Car Will Appear, And It Will Be Raced By Ganassi Racing

Confirmed: Ford’s Halo Performance Car Will Appear, And It Will Be Raced By Ganassi Racing

In twelve days from now, Ford will host a press conference that will reveal, among other things, the car that the rumor mill has been dubbing “the next GT”, i.e. the new halo Ford performance vehicle. It is the car that will lead the 11-car assault Ford is launching, along with the new Ford Performance banner, the group made up of SVT, Ford Racing and Team RS. While other cars such as the G.T. 350, Focus RS and second-gen Raptor are drool-worthy, the new car, which is so secretive that the actual name, shape, powertrain or even test mules have managed to evade spies, is going to be the car that returns Ford into LeMans racing.

pruett ganassi

It’s been confirmed by AutoWeek’s Mac Morrison that Chip Ganassi Racing will field the first team to receive the new car, which is expected to be fielded into GTLM racing at LeMans for the 50th anniversary of the ass-whooping that Ford delivered to Ferrari with the almighty GT40. Ganassi Racing has been competing with a Daytona Prototype Riley-Ford powered by an EcoBoost 3.5L V6 pushing 600hp. Ganassi will have at least one all-American team in drivers Scott Pruett and Joey Hand, who replaced the outgoing Memo Rojas.

Also of note: Ford recently trademarked “EcoBeast”. Makes you wonder, doesn’t it?

(Courtesy: AutoWeek)

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6 thoughts on “Confirmed: Ford’s Halo Performance Car Will Appear, And It Will Be Raced By Ganassi Racing

  1. ColoradoKid

    Yup ! Its official alright . The new Ford GT is about to hit the pavement with its debut at the Detroit auto show . And …. its about damn time Ford !!!

    So … Happy freaking doo da New Year . May it be a damn sight better than the previous [ though I have my doubts ] … and a big thanks to my brother Brian .. and my other brother Bryan ( 😮 ) and the entire BS crew for all their work … but ” Rumors of Glory ” are calling me away … so I’ll say my farewells … betting at least a few will be pleased to hear that … to whom I’ll say …. a huge …. well … you know .. international single digit salute and all 😉

    Sincerely ; ColoradoKid aka GuitarSlinger .. aka … wouldn’t you like to know .. hee hee !

    1. 75Duster

      Does “Rumors of Glory” mean a jail sentence? Many of us real Bangshifters won’t miss you and your pompous attitude.
      I’m sure just like a reoccurring hemorrhoid you will come back under a different name again in 2015, and I will gladly alert my fellow Bangshifters who you really are again.
      So a big F.U. to you GuitarSlinger aka ColoradoKid.

    2. Tedly

      What’s sad is if half of your stories are true, you could be a cool guy to hang out with. I genuinely hope that this is one of those times where someones personality comes out way different online than it does in person. Good luck to you.

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