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GoodGuys Nashville 2023 Hotrod Of The Year Crowned At Nashville Super Speedway Lebanon TN.

GoodGuys Nashville 2023 Hotrod Of The Year Crowned At Nashville Super Speedway Lebanon TN.

The Goodguys Rod and Custom Association has a ton of great events, with tons of great prizes, but Goodguys in Columbus has always been the grandaddy of them all, and I’ve never understood why. I don’t want to sound negative, but there are much nicer Goodguys shows around the country that I think would be much more fitting as the biggest show of the year. With that said, one of the other great shows that gives out an annual award is the Goodguys Nashville show, where the Goodguys Hot Rod of the Year award is given and in this video from John Jackson you are going to see just who was in contention this year.

Here is NotStockPhoto’s killer video. Check it out.

Video Description:

Man what an amazing weekend.

I know this video is super HotRod of the Year Heavy, but it’s my favorite part of Nashville GoodGuys, and probably the coolest thing GoodGuys does all year.

This year was probably the best group of contenders ever, and had 33 cars competing for the Coveted title of HotRod of the Year by Tanks Inc.

Friday’s road tour went perfectly, and even with a Saturday morning downpour everyone’s spirits were high, and we got everything photographed.

Hope you enjoyed this video I had more cars to post, but figured with it being over a hour this was probably enough.

Congrats to Coby at Church Equipped for winning HotRod of the Year with his Saint Christopher 34 Ford Coupe built by South City Rod & Custom.

The top five was probably the toughest one ever, and there were definitely no losers this weekend.

Hope you enjoy the video, and as always sorry it’s so long……..we had a ton of fun.

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