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How Insane Do You Have To Be To Convert A Ferrari Into A Ute?

How Insane Do You Have To Be To Convert A Ferrari Into A Ute?

Ferrari owners are…well, kind of fickle about their cars. They tend to be fastidious about the care and maintenance of their vehicles, even if it’s a full-on race car. They would never hack up one of their own for no particular reason, right?



Well, not this time. This 1989 Ferrari 412 went under the knife, had some of the roof removed and the C-pillars moved forward to create a 3ft bed, which has been lined with teakwood to give it a classic nautical look. The 340hp 4.9L V8 stays, and is equipped with an exhaust kit with valves for some fun with the noise. The car is also equipped with a “shotgun” style scoop which can be raised or lowered.

The Ferrari ute was built for the History Channel show “Ultimate Wheels”, and builder Elo admitted that it is his favorite of all of the cars that were built for the show, claiming that the 412 has gotten positive comments from Ferrari technicians. While the bed isn’t going to haul much, one can imagine an interior painter rolling up with a couple of gallons in the back. I can also imagine the absolute horror of the homeowner when the housepainter rolls up in a Ferrari. Painting the side room is probably going to cost you an arm, a leg, or your wife.

What super car would you cut up into a truck?


(Photo credits: London Motor Group)

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4 thoughts on “How Insane Do You Have To Be To Convert A Ferrari Into A Ute?

  1. Guitarslinger

    Hey .. I’ve owned three . Put up with the Ferrari Owner Snob Syndrome for longer than I care to admit to [ the only folks worse than most of the owners are the Ferrari dealerships and all their employees ] My opinion ? It may be a Ferrari … but ultimately its still just a car … and more importantly …. its your car … to do with as you please and damn the detractors .

    And as far as this Ferrari ? Fact is the 412 has never been anyone’s favorite .. with most languishing and collecting dust in garages and scrap yards around the world due to the cost of repair versus the value of the car

    So … the fact that this guy built himself a ‘ Ute ‘ out of a much unloved 412 that might actually see some road use once again ? [ The 412 aint no beauty and as stated is nobody’s favorite but its still one hell of a fine drive ]

    To that question I’ll once again reiterate ‘ Big Sid’s ‘ mantra ;

    ” Stock is a Can of Beans on a Shelf ”

    …. and a huge two thumbs up . Here’s hoping this 412 Ute does get used …. and often .

  2. Scott Liggett

    I have to agree. The 412 isn’t bringing any kind of money in resale. You can buy a very nice, and much more desired, 308GTS in the LA for less than $35,000. This one about half that.

    It beats it sitting in some man’s garage collecting dust until his offspring sell it off for pennies after he is gone.

  3. 75Duster

    Somewhere, there is a Ferrari owner with a mullet. It might be GuitarSlinger, as he claims that he’s owned three.

  4. Chevy Hatin' Mad Geordie

    Looking at the side view made me think that Ferrari should have produced a coop version – it’s stunning with shades of the Daytona and looks more in proportion. These would have been rare and desirable cars now and maybe not converted into a ute! I know some cars I’d convert – but not into a ute but a dumpster – every flaming Chevy ever made!

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