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Caption This: Just Some Good Ol’ Parts…

Caption This: Just Some Good Ol’ Parts…

I had to do a double-take when I first saw this picture. The last time I remember seeing a 1981 Dodge Diplomat from Washington State this psychotic it belonged to my friend Bobby and was packing flame-throwing exhaust. I’m not entirely convinced that this isn’t a project of his that he failed to tell me about, either, but given this poor Dip’s current condition, it’s been a while since it was terrorizing the dirt roads near Graham. The “PATROL” letters along the door lead me to believe this Dodge was a former security car. Motor? Maybe. Driveable? Nope. Does the horn play “Dixie”? If the horn plays at all, I bet it sounds like a Bronx cheer. I can only assume that this is the General Lee that Bo and Luke were hawking on AutoTrader. The forlorn Dodge needs a rear axle with springs, probably rotors and spindles, and of course, a pressure washing to remove the algae and tree needles. It’s a 24 Hours of Lemons car that just needs about everything possible in order to compete, but look what Freiburger could do with the skeleton of a Dodge Charger! What say you guys?

Click Here to see the General Decay’s Craigslist ad!


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6 thoughts on “Caption This: Just Some Good Ol’ Parts…

  1. 440 6Pac

    For Sale! The Dukes last car before Rosco finally got them. $100,000. If it doesn’t sell I’m taking it to Barrette-Jackson.

    If only they’d stayed with the original General Lee.

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