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Rough Start: This 1962 Studebaker Isn’t Your Normal Cheap Budget Craigslist Score

Rough Start: This 1962 Studebaker Isn’t Your Normal Cheap Budget Craigslist Score

They were some of the final vehicles sold by a company that had been a staple in the marketplace. The company itself has been dead for decades, long enough that the brand name is included in those stupid “you’re so damn old if you remember” Facebook repost viral lists. Studebaker was on it’s deathbed, just letting the last few grains of sand pass through the hourglass of time before the fun was over, but that didn’t mean they were going out quietly into the night. Cars got freshened up as best as the company could manage with what meager funds were left in the coffers. That kind of work, where you changed a bit here and there on what was essentially last year’s model, is what brought forth the Studebaker Gran Turismo Hawk. A Hawk-series vehicle with an upright grille that more than hinted at Studebaker’s deal to market Mercedes products in the United States, the grille was just one of many different parts that dolled up the old Hawk. Flat rear glass reduced cost, the fins were milled down as far as possible, and the interior was gussied up a bit. Otherwise, it was the same car that had been around since 1956. Finding one that isn’t a race car, a mint-condition museum piece or some scrap metal shaped like a Studebaker is radically difficult, but here you go. Slot mags are the only real modification to the car that we see, and the rest of the car is desert-fresh. You’ll be bringing home a project, but one that sports good metal. You can work with good bones…

“Looking for a new home. My owner doesn’t pay enough attention to me now that one of my brothers has shown up.
Look at me! I have the perfect patina, my body is straight and in good shape for being 56 years old. My floors and rockers and even my trunk aren’t rusty. I’m almost completely original except for the stylish vintage slot mags I’m wearing. I have the V8 motor and automatic transmission and Twin Traction, and I can even run laps around the yard. At my age, I find it a bit hard to get started and stopping is an adventure, but It really won’t take much to have me ready to go if you want me. I also have a new water pump and new hoses and my heater core doesn’t leak! I have clean title and non-op. I don’t know what my owner sees in my brother, the hot rod. I assure you, I’m probably the best example of my kind in my price range. Please come take me home.
$4800 obo/trade. My owner likes diesels, in particular dodge diesels, and other older stuff. He said if I’d been a 49-53 Studebaker pickup, he wouldn’t be selling me.
BTW.. That Cutlass is nice, but she isn’t for sale. Her owner lavishes her with attention. The Jeep is a bit less sweet, but she also says she’s not for sale at this time.”

Craigslist Link: 1962 Studebaker Gran Turismo Hawk

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3 thoughts on “Rough Start: This 1962 Studebaker Isn’t Your Normal Cheap Budget Craigslist Score

  1. DanStokes

    These were essentially the Raymond Loewy-designed ’53 with a different hood, topline, and decklid. I’d love to have it.


  2. HotRodPop

    Loewy ‘Bakers from the ’50’s RULE! Kinda hard to believe they weere around so long, but, classic is classic, like the Coke bottle.

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