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The Right-Sized Answer: There’s A Homeless 1973 Holden Kingswood Ute For Sale In The States

The Right-Sized Answer: There’s A Homeless 1973 Holden Kingswood Ute For Sale In The States

Haley and I were having an interesting discussion a couple of nights ago involving, of all things, fuel economy. At BangShift Mid-West, fuel economy isn’t our strong suit. Our most economical car, the 1980 Mustang known here as Great Pumpkin, can knock down 25 MPG if…and only if…you drive it like an egg is under the pedal, on a cool day, with the windows up, and little to no stop-and-go. Except that it can’t, because the author somehow managed to turn the starter relay into a sizeable puff of smoke. Besides, the craptacular 4.2L V8 isn’t long for this world, anyways…there’s two 302s waiting to take it’s place. Her Silverado SS isn’t great, dipping in at the 20 MPG mark, which is right about where Angry Grandpa sits. The Imperial will be checked once it’s back on the street, but I doubt that it’ll hit those kinds of numbers, and the first wiseass that asks about the Cadillac Limo’s fuel economy will be sent a glitter bomb in the mail.

So, to recap: one hot sedan, one all-wheel-drive truck, an unproven old Chrysler product and a Mustang that’s somewhere between the glue factory and the Kentucky derby. We might not be getting a Christmas card from OPEC yet, but we’re on our way. What do we do? Really…not much we can or should do. Everything is paid off. But what would I like to do? That’s easy…and it involves an import. This 1973 Holden Kingswood would be ideal for the plan. It’s like this: the current generation Camaro with the V6 can hit mid-20s all day long. I like the V6, it’s shockingly punchy and potent. The difference in weight between the Kingswood and a Camaro V6 1LE is about five hundred pounds or so. See where I’m going? I have no opinion one way or another on the 308ci V8 that is currently underhood, but the thought of slamming the LGX V6 into this little ute and using it as a daily just makes sense. Ok, it doesn’t, but it’d be less work than finding a decent 1990s Chevrolet Lumina and making a ute out of that!

eBay Link: 1973 Holden Kingswood (HQ) Utility

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6 thoughts on “The Right-Sized Answer: There’s A Homeless 1973 Holden Kingswood Ute For Sale In The States

  1. Ted

    Whoever painted those rims purple should be dragged behind a Trabant for a couple of miles…otherwise, this car/ute is spectacular.

  2. RK - no relation

    Right hand drives are fun but I have only driven one overseas where it works pretty well.Three pedal six speed made it even more fun (shifting with the left hand). I saw a RHD Ford F150 in a Duran Duran video a long time ago. Did this ever get factory built? I have only found evidence of conversions

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