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This GTO-powered Subaru Legacy Station Wagon Gives Your Inner Hoon The Look Of Responsible Adult!

This GTO-powered Subaru Legacy Station Wagon Gives Your Inner Hoon The Look Of Responsible Adult!

It’s to the point with the current horsepower war that you can spot a heavy hitter pretty easily…the callouts on the fenders, the exhaust that announces itself well before the car is visible, the lowered stance and wheels and tire combinations. Funny…you could say the same thing fifty years ago, couldn’t you? But unlike back then, today it’s easier than ever to build a sleeper out of a street car. You just have to have some imagination, some fabrication skill and need to have a screw or two loose in order to pull off the ruse just right. There is no such thing as a sleeper model anymore…even the four and six cylinder versions are something to behold. No, you need to start with a car that had no performance leaning whatsoever.

Subarus are known for being snotty little rally rockets. But that’s the WRX and STI version of the Impreza, Subaru’s smaller car. The larger Legacy normally isn’t seen in the United States with any sporting pretenses outside of the off-road flavored Outback models. But that doesn’t stop tuning shops from converting Legacy sedans and wagons into WRX-powered thumpers that are still all-wheel-drive and plenty capable. But maybe that’s not enough power for you. Or maybe, the EJ series flat-four’s exhaust note isn’t your bag. Or you can’t live without your V8 fix, but need the utility and cool factor a station wagon can bring. (Wow, we really said that, didn’t we?) Either way, this 2000 Legacy has you covered.


From the listing: 

One of a kind, RWD converted, LS2 swapped 2000 Legacy wagon.
Drivetrain is 2006 Pontiac GTO Dyno tuned. 400/400 hp and trq. with T-56 6-speed. Rebuilt transmission with hurst SSK. Sti R180 LSD
Wilwood 6/4 piston BBK
New OZ Ultraleggera wheels/tires
Accuair performance adjustable air suspension.
Lots and lots of custom fabrication work obviously, subframe, aluminum driveshaft, oil pan, etc.
Original paint, California car, non sunroof, JDM turbo hood, tail lights, etc.
Really to much to list. Car is a absolute blast and super quick with gobs of torque. A nice sleeper too! All work professionally completed. Lots invested. A few small dents and scratches. Not a show car but very clean, all working gauges, and A/C!


It’s got all the looks of a mild JDM custom, the soundtrack and shifter are right, and if you keep things quiet, nobody will be the wiser. Can you say, “family car”? We knew you could.

Craigslist Link: 2000 Subaru Legacy station wagon


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8 thoughts on “This GTO-powered Subaru Legacy Station Wagon Gives Your Inner Hoon The Look Of Responsible Adult!

  1. jerry z

    I’m curious how the car does handle with the weight of the engine ahead of the front axle. A LS/6spd combo in anything great though!

  2. Chevy Hatin' Mad Geordie

    Here we go again – more impractical and dangerous LS shit in a car that just needed a full-on WRX heart….

  3. cap'n fast

    Admiral Crowe said it best: not enough horsepower in all of creation can make this car any thing but a Subaru.Slow, Ugly, Burdensome, And Really Unusable as are they all.
    an absolute waste of a fine engine and transmission not to mention the custom engineering that went into the build. if it is so great a machine, why is it being sold? for the profit?? probably not. more likely the scenario involves escaping from the feeling of doom one achieves whilst driving around in subie. still, it has a v-8. nay! turn away from the dark side i say!! think not such vile thoughts such as owning a deviant monstrosity from the neither world. to the pit with the vile creature!!!

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