This Wagoneer…Shouldn’t…Do…That! This 1100 Horsepower Turbo Sleeper Is Brutal!

This Wagoneer…Shouldn’t…Do…That! This 1100 Horsepower Turbo Sleeper Is Brutal!

Do you all remember, a few months ago, a story we ran on a guy who was swapping a nasty 3rd gen Hemi engine into a Jeep Cherokee…the full-sized version…using a Chevy C-10 frame as a base? If not, you might want to go check it out, but in the meantime we’ve gotten information on the other vehicle we saw in the garage space. Greg is a special kind of dysfunctional when it comes to automotive culture, and we genuinely mean that in an endearing term. Most people look at a Jeep SJ (Cherokee-Wagoneer-Grand Wagoneer and trucks) and immediately think off-roader, and that’s fine. The Jeep FSJ (Full Sized Jeep) lineup could do off-road just fine. But Greg doesn’t see off-roading in his Jeep’s futures…no, he sees untapped potential and an engine bay that will take care of anything his twisted mind desires. After reading the story we wrote on his Hemi Cherokee swap, Greg wanted to share his other FSJ with us. Let’s just say it’s right up our alley…

This 1977 Wagoneer is packing AMC power. Let’s get that out of the way now. But that’s about where tradition ends…what started life as a 401 has had plenty of work done, including a punch, and is being force-fed via a Bullseye 83mm turbocharger. Drinking E85, it’s normal tune is somewhere in the neighborhood of 900 horsepower on 13 PSI of boost, but when the wick is kicked up all of the way it has roughly 1100 horses ready and willing to fight. This is one sleeper that would be extremely difficult to see coming to all but the most well-trained.

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10 thoughts on “This Wagoneer…Shouldn’t…Do…That! This 1100 Horsepower Turbo Sleeper Is Brutal!

  1. cruzzzer

    This guy is a moron. A total, complete moron. Why would you do this in a high traffic area? Because you are DUMB AXX MORON!

  2. 1Gary

    My best friend Greg from Buffalo NY and I were discussing this pile o doop. Greg and I credit this build to the boys on Street Outlaws. I’m killing a g body build right now and Greg is rockin a Chevelle II wagon that’s a 13.5 second track burner. Now those are real sleepers. See you at the track 2044.

    1. Greg

      lol, 1Gary calling something else a pile of doop. FYI, I was developing this platform before street outlaws was even a thought.

  3. 1Gary

    Look here you rookies. I’m a ex-tuner/driver of a fuel car. Horsepower is something easily understood by me. This pile o doop isn’t making 1100hp,that’s just silly.Trust 1Gary when he tells you that.Post dyno sheet or as they say on Mybullet,it never happened.

    1. Greg

      Of course it was on the line lock, how else would I get it to spin the tires? It’s set up to hook, not to spin.

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