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Ebay Find: A 70-mile 1993 Dodge Ram With An Astronomical Price Tag And One Of The Most Eye-Raising Writeups We’ve Seen

Ebay Find: A 70-mile 1993 Dodge Ram With An Astronomical Price Tag And One Of The Most Eye-Raising Writeups We’ve Seen

I’m a sucker for the pre-1994 Dodge trucks. I love the basic design, the relatively simple layout, and the engine bay that you could jam a Sonny Leonard mountain motor into with space to spare. So when I found this 70-mile 1993 in Emerald Green, a favorite color of mine, I was in love. A 318/5-speed extended cab with carpet delete and the plastic still on the seat…that’s not just tasty, that’s ideal. Then I read the ad and about sprayed soda all over the computer screen…this listing takes the cake seven ways from Sunday, and not necessarily in good ways, either. When I saw the price at $33,000 I assumed a typo because there’s no possible way a Dodge from this year has that kind of value…then I read on and realized just what was going on. My only guess to why this truck has survived twelve years of never moving is that this was some kind of dealer special that never moved, so somebody just put it up and didn’t do much with it. Either way, the ad will tell you everything you need to know about this Dodge.


1993 Dodge Ram 150 3/4 ton full size pick-up truck (custom). This beautiful truck is brand new, the body is in prefect condition with factor plastic covering still on the seat and the cab still has that brand new smell; and it has ONLY 70 MILES  on it. It has a five speed standard (manual on the floor) transmission, 30 gal tank, top quality custom ordered bench seat and a 5.2 Magnum V8 engine. It has air conditioning, am/fm radio, tape deck, clock, roll down windows, and wing windows. It has a Club cab and two seats in the rear compartment.  $33,000 or make offer.

Some answers to common questions.

Auto manufactures must make new vehicles each year to keep higher prices. They have to keep depreciating older vehicles. For this reason the gap widens each years. The “Blue Book” was invented by auto manufactures as a convenience for them to create this “FARCE“.


The 1993 Dodge pick-up was the last masculine truck made. From 1994 on Dodge trucks became more “gender neutral”. Simply stated a women would not want to sit in my beautiful truck. It is a “MAN’S TRUCK“.    

“Danny Boy” (I ordered him on St. Patrick Day) is still a brand new truck with only 70 miles on it and at least $15,000 less than the 2015 model. And try special ordering a 2015 model with wing windows,-NOT GOING TO HAPPEN!

It’s almost too easy to shoot holes through this, so I’m going to leave that fun up to you guys.

eBay Link: 1993 Dodge Ram D-150



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17 thoughts on “Ebay Find: A 70-mile 1993 Dodge Ram With An Astronomical Price Tag And One Of The Most Eye-Raising Writeups We’ve Seen

  1. Jeff

    Looks like he must have sat in it every day eating chips. Good thing he took pics in the rain…yet another dealer ruse…

  2. Lynn Minthorne

    Way over priced !! Was anything done to make it road worthy Like new tires, battery, hoses, fluids,

  3. mooseface

    Thems ladyfolk don’t like these here older Didges ‘cuz this be mah MAN TRUCK. Y’all need balls the size of the moon to drive the MAN TRUCK. Kelly Blue Scam won’t tell y’all that.

    Good luck getting that 318 to haul all your surplus manliness around, there, seller.

  4. Gregg68

    I didn’t realize that mobile homes came with climate controlled garages. But it must be a Hurricane Katrina surplus mobile home because the formaldehyde fumes have clearly damaged his brain.

  5. Chris Cox

    I don’t know what bugs me worse-
    A 70 mile truck rotting in high wet grass,
    The owner clearly taking serious drugs,
    or the fact the owner won’t share said drugs so WE ALL can appreciate the delusion………….

  6. Gasman

    You can’t just let it sit there for all those years… not using it is as bad as abusing it…. There was a guy on my paper route in Buffalo NY when I was a kid… he bought a 1972 Buick Skylark drove it from the dealer into his garage ..jacked it up put it on blocks and left it there. It had 18 miles on it. I used to joke about buying it from him.. He said he was going to save it and sell it when he needed the money.. It was an investment. He passed away in the late 90’s…. The car came out of the garage in 3 pieces it was all rusted.

    Use it or loose it !

  7. Jerry

    I had one of these. 93 was the first year of the magnum. It also has the massive getrag five speed out of the cummins truck. Super heavy monster size flywheel. It had so much flywheel energy you could let out the clutch in fith with no throttle and it would take off and not die at all. Mine didn’t have a clutch safety switch. You could literally start the truck in fith gear no clutch and it would just take off. I almost never used first gear. It was pointless. Just massive wheel spin. These trucks are actually freaks. The intake, exhaust manifolds, and heads are different than the next year 94 new body style. Bigger opening on the inside. Pretty sure it had a RV grind cam because the torque was insane and pulled hard all the way to rev limiter every gear. It ran like a scalded dog. It would roast the tires into fourth gear all day. Had a 100 speedo, would shift to 4th at 90. I hit the rev limiter in 5th gear once. The wipers were starting to lift. I drag races a 383 Chevy truck and killed by 10 car links. It was a sick sick sleeper. I know for sure the 94 engines we greatly detuned from these freaks. I’ve had lots of big blocks, Mustangs, etc. but this one was different. People who have had a car that doesn’t make since will understand when I say this thing was just a freak. I wish I could find one like this reasonably priced.

  8. Carl O

    Relisted with this option. For 5K he will change the wheels, tires, deliver it, AND get it painted. WTF?

  9. threedoor

    My problems with the price: 2WD, Bench seat as hard as a rock, gas burner not a diesel, and Oregon weather, not to mention that body style of dodge had about as thick sheet metal as a Honda and less rust preventative.

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