Just What Brian Needs: A 1954 Dodge Job-Rated Truck With A 331 Hemi!

Just What Brian Needs: A 1954 Dodge Job-Rated Truck With A 331 Hemi!

You know what we haven’t seen a lot of in a while? Big, lumbering trucks that are right up Lohnes’s alley. You know the kind: Classic styling, a torque-monster mill that is hooked to a gearbox that requires you to wrestle with the gears, and if it has a utility bed out back, all the better. To be fair, I hadn’t thought much on hunting one down in a while myself, but when this 1954 Dodge B-series heavy-duty truck crossed my feed, I couldn’t ignore it…it’s too good.




Back in the 1950s, Dodge trucks were “Job Rated”…literally, they spelled it out so you knew that these beasts were ready to work, and this one was the cream of the crop. Packing a 331 Hemi underneath that neat split hood, full gauges, a two-speed rear axle, and cab lights, this truck was the best you could get from Mopar in the day, and other than a 15 year old repaint, has managed to weather the years quite well. The seller originally wanted to use it as a ramp truck, but never really got around to the work and has decided to let it go. We approve of the ramp truck idea fully, and we dig it as a flatbed too.

job-rated-2 job-rated-3Brian needs another huge old truck like we all could use a hole in the head, but if this red work mule doesn’t speak to him in some way, I will be severely disappointed. You know you need this, Lohnes. It’s calling out to you…

eBay Link: 1954 Dodge B-series Chassis Cab


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