Wait Until This Monster Gets Dialed In: Izzy Performance’s 1,600 Horsepower, All-Wheel-Drive Turbo Silverado!

Wait Until This Monster Gets Dialed In: Izzy Performance’s 1,600 Horsepower, All-Wheel-Drive Turbo Silverado!

In the BangShift Mid-West fleet, there is one vehicle that generally is kept off-limits from any sort of hijinks: that would be the Chevy Silverado SS that my wife uses as her daily driver. She adores the thing, loves it to death. Myself? It’s useful, it does the job, but I’m not as sold on it as her. That means jack-squat, but it’s the truth. I don’t know…with a 6.0L under the hood, maybe I was expecting more? Ok, screw the modesty: it’s not that I expected anything…I want that sucker to run as if I’m escaping the apocalypse while dragging a loaded trailer behind me. Not gonna happen anytime in the near or far future…she gets a twitch in her eye anytime I break out tools while looking at her truck without her prior knowledge.

But look at Izzy Performance’s Silverado here and tell me you can’t see what I’m seeing? There’s nothing to it: a twin-turbo setup makes power on an LS when done right, the all-wheel-drive seems to be working fine (though, based on the burnouts, we wonder if this truck is actually running a traditional four-wheel-drive setup. We need more info!) and the only major change was to swap out the overdrive auto for a built-like-a-brick-outhouse TH400 to cope with the power. Looks a little twitchy off of the line, doesn’t it? Hopefully this truck gets it’s suspension sorted, because once it does, we expect to see great things…

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One thought on “Wait Until This Monster Gets Dialed In: Izzy Performance’s 1,600 Horsepower, All-Wheel-Drive Turbo Silverado!

  1. Nigel Mansell's Ferret

    Transfer case Burnout Answer

    The Sy/Ty transfer case can be modified to have a electric switch to kill power to the front wheels for burnouts I believe.

    The TrailBlazer SS T3 Torsen transfercase –
    Excerpt from http://www.tbssowners.com/forums

    Torsen T3 Unit – Info From Torsen Techs

    So I spent the better part of an hour on the phone with a Technical Design Engineer at Torsen yesterday and got some really interesting information regarding high horsepower levels and our center differential.

    I first explained to him what power levels I ‘was’ at and told him how my truck behaved,

    “The AWD system performs flawlessly on the street, when I go to the track and I roll through the water box, the front tires have great traction and do no spin as I roll out while the rears are lit up fully until I get off the throttle. When I stage and the light goes green, the truck hooks and the fronts barely chirp off the line.”

    While on the phone, I emailed a link of my youtube video of this happening, while he watched it, he giggled like a 9-year-old and then explained to me that per GM’s specifications, Torsen built a pressure override of sorts that allowed a full 100/0 split in cases of extreme traction differences. This is not harmful to the Torsen unit and will not cause any sort of failure. He also explained what I had assumed, or surmised all along that the nominal 33/67 split the T3 unit has is exaggerated by adding more power to the input side of the unit. The only problem that occurs is in a very prolonged 100/0 split where the front wheels don’t move at all while the rears take all the power is a substantial heat build up. The way I rolled out as soon as the rears started spinning is exactly what he says should be done!
    End of excerpt

    When the truck gets squirrelly at the end of the track it reminds me of the 4wd Miss Misery truck. It had no center diff and because of tire expansion the front and rear were going two different speeds and caused the truck to do something similar


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