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Dumpster Diving Pays! Now Tell Us What To Do

Dumpster Diving Pays! Now Tell Us What To Do

Every now and again we’re faced with such a colossal dilemma we need to seek outside help. Normally it’s our parole officer, but luckily for you fair reader, we’re turning your way this time.

Here’s the story. As you’ll remember, I’m the only guy on the FJY.com bus who actually has a “real” job. While leaving a meeting at said “real job” we saw a couple of guys heave what looked to be a small engine into a Dumpster at the office. Without making a huge scene we wandered over and saw said engine.

So I did the right thing. I got in my truck and pretended until I was on my cell phone until all the other meeting attendees drove away. I then jumped into the Dumpster and liberated the bad boy you see pictured here.

It’s an 8.5hp single-cylinder Robin engine. A little research has shown us that Subaru makes these motors. This particular one appears to be basically brand new. There’s some flash rust on the inside of the exhaust pipe and there was a liberal coating of dust on the engine, but a quick wipe down made it look fresh out of the crate. It even has a zooty electric start. It spins freely, has like-new oil in it, and shows virtually no signs of wear.

Here’s the problem. Do I plunk this thing into a mini-bike chassis or a go-kart chassis?

The physical size of the engine and the big goofy gas tank on top may present an issue with fitment in a mini-bike, but it may be fun to try and make it work. On the other hand this baby is virtual bolt-in (with the addition of a cheapo centrifugal clutch) for a go-kart.

I’m going all Bob Nardelli on you guys and girls. Make up my mind for me.

Robin 8.5hp engine

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