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Edd China Is Leaving The Television Show “Wheeler Dealers” After Thirteen Seasons

Edd China Is Leaving The Television Show “Wheeler Dealers” After Thirteen Seasons

Edd China is a gearhead’s TV mechanic. The surprisingly tall China is one half of the television show “Wheeler Dealers”, which focuses on Edd fixing up a project car that co-star Mike Brewer has found. China’s fame is being a realistic mechanic – between the knowledge stored under that mop of hair and his decidedly anti-TV gearhead style, he comes across not as someone wound out on Monsters trying to make an impossible deadline, but more of a teacher, or maybe a friend who is showing you how they turn broken cars around without using magic or trickery. That’s why legions of followers and fans love the show: broken car comes in, realistic fixes are made, nice car is sold off.

Unfortunately, word has come out that Edd has decided to leave the show, which he details in the video he posted to his YouTube channel (below). The short take is that Discovery, who owns the Velocity Channel, started making changes to the show that China didn’t like, namely a cost-cutting measure that saw less shop time in the program, which, honestly, is why a lot of people watched the show in the first place. We understand Edd’s position and while we aren’t pleased to see him leave the show, we understand his reasoning why. Ant Anstead, who has been on a similar show, “For The Love Of Cars”, will be occupying the garage instead.

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35 thoughts on “Edd China Is Leaving The Television Show “Wheeler Dealers” After Thirteen Seasons

  1. Raymond

    Very very unfortunate,all those type of shows try and get the most people watching at the expense of the real car person,money over quality.

  2. Michael

    Stupid, stupid Velocity Channel descision. They must be taking notes from Polaris Industries (Victory motorcycles).
    I like Mike Brewer plenty, but Edd China was the main reason I watched Wheeler Dealers. Maria even liked to watch the show too becasue of him. I hope to see another network allow Mr. China a show so his fans can continue to admire and learn from his work.

  3. Chevy Hatin' Mad Geordie

    Devastating news indeed!

    Edd Chinas low key and educational approach has inspired and educated thousands and I will never watch Wheeler Dealers without him working away to turn an ugly duckling into a proud swan.

    Top tip – if it ain’t broke don’t fix it. Goodbye Edd but I feel it won’t be long before we see you again!

    1. Chevy lovin\' Geordie hater

      Maybe he\’ll be the new mechanic at gas monkey? Then we\’ll finally see how useless he is when he needs actually do something, instead of the guy behind the scenes doing it all when the camera is facing the other way!

  4. jerry z

    This really is turning into a suck ass year for car shows, between Gas Monkey, the “new” Top Gear USA, and now Wheeler Dealers, it’s looks like I will actually work on my car!

  5. Sneke_Eyez

    Wow, what a shame.
    Love Edd, love Wheeler Dealers as it is now, but I’ve noticed the slipping of the time focused on actually working on the cars anyway, as soon as Velocity started being a part of it.

  6. Ski

    Find Aaron Kaufman…the two of these guys attacking a problem from opposite ends would make for the greatest TV wrenching ever…

  7. Rory Morrison

    It\’s easy to be a parts changer. Knowledge and experience makes good mechanics. I\’ve been wrenching for 50+ years and still find Ed\’s approach to problems entertaining and useful.

  8. Joseph. Shular

    Now that Ed China is leaving wheeler Dealers. Iam sure the TV show will loose most of its audience I always believed that Ed China was the heart of Wheeler Dealers As for me when Ed leaves. I’ll no longer watch the show. Without Ed China. They will no longer have a show worth watching.

  9. Russ Heim

    Ed,they don’t think like us, it’s all about the money. I wish you the best ,and new tools ahead. You are gifted with a talent you will adapt improvise and overcome.

  10. Adam Spradling

    I really hate to see Edd go, but I understand his reasons and wish him well. My wife and I would both get excited when wheeler dealers would come on. As a matter of fact it was Edd who turned me onto the use of a vacume pump to bleed brakes. I bought a hand pump at harbor freight and never looked back. It’s been one of my favorite tools since. I can also say that this was one of only a couple of car shows my wife would watch with me. It’s a shame it’s now gone and it will be missed

  11. Mark Phillips

    Gonna miss you Edd… I learned a lot… bought a 77 Jaguar XJS V 12 in your honor! Just so I could drive it for an hour… then fix it for 3 hours!! Hahahaha. .. all those “dodgie British electrics!” Hope we see you soon with your own show…thank you!

  12. sean

    Edd is the reason i watch the show. mikes just a pt barnum. with Edd gone there goes my reason to watch. maybe he and aaron kaufmann will start a show together. now THAT would be something to watch

  13. Blu67RS

    Yes, Edd will be missed for sure…..It seems a sad trend that what I call the last of the ‘real’ cars shows: Wheeler Dealer, Street Outlaws, Gas Monkey, Fired Up Garage, etc are going main stream (and getting away from working on cars) – the women and kids have money lets target those markets since we already have the male market – they shows have to be soft and fluffy to get all the market share – Dave Despain for President!!

  14. ray

    pity, Edd was the reason i watched. he\’s right, the work in the shop and his dry humor was the highlight of the show. i\’ll give the new guy a chance but it looks like big business hammered yet another institution into dust.

  15. Brandon Flannery

    Terrible decision on Discovery\’s behalf… the technical insight WAS the backbone of the show. No fuss, real info, and direct repairs.

    Best of luck Edd and I applaud your pride in doing it right and your decision in stepping out.

  16. 10secGTX

    It’s like watching Fonzi jump the shark ….over and over ….well put your Gas Monkey gear, next to your Orange County Choppers gear, and watch Discovery start the next big thing and ruin it at the same time.
    Like someone posted before the ruination of the shows will get us off our asses and do something ourselves

  17. Bill James

    This is terrible I just started watching this show and EDD is the main reason I watch it.

  18. George Fazio

    Good luck Ed, I had a shop and did what you did for over 40 years. I was starting to lose my love for the cars and the work, so I pulled the plug, I still do it but at a much slower pace and have a little more free time to smell the roses, again good luck George

  19. BigDogSS

    WD is the best because of Edd;s work. And Mike is great also. How long will Mike stick around? They do make a great team. Since there will be less shop time, are they trimming it down to a 30 minute show? Discovery and Velocity suck. Another reason to dump cable or “pay” TV. Get out there and work on your car or take a nice drive.

  20. Lenny

    If I\’m Edd he\’s screaming GET ME OUT OF HERE, before they bring in bikini girls and a Wheeler Dealer Tequila funny car! This is the same formula that Discovery successfully killed Junkyard Wars, RIP 1998-2009

  21. Truckin\' Ted

    I had been under the impression that the Discovery Channel was created to educate and entertain the viewers. It appears that I am indeed wrong, and the truth of the matter is that there just another group of soul sucking, money grubbing, knuckle dragging dumbasses. I would not be surprised to see some member of the Kardashians show up on WD, and make an appearance to explain how much their car \”speaks\” to them.

    Edd, thank you for all of your efforts and the lessons that you\’ve provided to so many of us \”would be\” mechanics. We only hope to see you in the near future and we\’ll be there to support you no matter the venue!!

  22. Raymond

    Someone should find a link that we can e mail Dicovery and give em hell and let em know that if they keep it up they’ll end up like the first part of their name Disco!

  23. Anthony

    Sorry to hear this Edd. Best of luck to you! Velocity is stupid for screwing with a good thing.

  24. Scott Liggett

    Edd was the reason I watched the show. From his part of the show I learned a lot about the quirks of working on beloved Euro classic cars. I really liked how he used elbow grease get the old cars up and running again instead of just throwing sponsor parts at a car.

    I fear this great show is now beginning to circle the drain after making the same mistake as other shows.

  25. Falcon67

    Taking his windy gun and going home. On to better things IMHO. Fresh start, fresh ideas.

  26. Mark

    Ed was the only reason I watched this show. I would fast forward just to get to his parts of the show! Good luck Ed hope you get your own show soon.

  27. Sherman Van Lieu

    This is so typical of big TV. They find two guys who have a great idea about renovating cars, and reselling them, the the producers screw it all up as usual. These two guys had great chemistry, and I noticed a difference they started showing them in the States. What a pity, I truly enjoyed this show over all, and now sadly big money has destroyed this one also. HEY Edd China, I would love to see you in another show that focuses on the art of rebuilding cars.

  28. Tom Mitchell

    Another example of idiots pretending to know \”what the public wants\”. VC, your ideas are pure BS. Mike and Edd together delivered a fine product without stupid, scripted bickering and incessant product placement. I wouldn\’t be caught dead watching any of the morons who appear in other Velocity car building/fixing shows. Mike and Edd were great together and appeared to be intelligent, decent human beings with knowledge to share. I\’d truly enjoy a chance to meet and thank them for such a great show. Edd will be MISSED! I\’M DONE with WD.

  29. E Day

    They have ruined all the shows like this. Rick\’s Restoratons, Counting Cars, and now WD. All they want to do is show the zany, made up interaction of the characters and not the actual work done. I also liked WD because unlike other shows, they weren\’t building unrealistic vehicles with nitrous and only run on race gas. Edd actually did work that a lot of us can do. Damn a LS motor putting out 1200 HP. I want to know how to fix my everyday driver.

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