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2009 Hot Rod Drag Week Wrapup

2009 Hot Rod Drag Week Wrapup

OK, so it’s like weeks after the end of the 2009 Hot Rod Drag Week, presented by Gear Vendors. After covering the race for a solid week, I’ve almost caught up on sleep. Probably not. But I’m finally awake enough to give you the wrap up on all the BangShift.com coverage of this ultimate street car drag race.

For those who don’t know about it, Drag Week is the single greatest test of street cars known to man. Hot Rod magazine organizes it, and makes drag cars drive to five drag strips in five days on a route that’s at least 1,000 miles long. The cars have to drive on the highway under their own power and can’t be trailered any where any time. Every car has to make at least one drag strip pass per day to stay in the hunt. There are a bunch of classes for different styles of cars, and the winner in each is the car with the lowest average e.t. over the five days.

Can you believe the overall winner averaged a 7-second time and ran 204 mph on the last day?

The friendships and the stories of big-time thrashing are what it’s all about. BangShift.com was there every moment when the race was held back in September. It started and ended in Muncie, Indiana, and also went to Martin, Michigan, then Norwalk, Ohio, and Hebron, Ohio.

We’ll start with a 1320video.com clip of the winner on a 204-mph pass after driving 1,000 miles. If you just want to look at pretty pictures, go to the BangShift.com drag racing photo index here. Look for links to all of our DW blog items below the video.

Here are links, from day one to day five, of all the coverage.

Event coverage, Day 1, Muncie, Indiana

Hot Rod releases Day 1 results

Day 1 coverage from Jay Brown at FordFE.com

Video: Monday racing at Drag Week

Day 2 results

Video: 7-second Pro Street Firebird at Drag Week

Event coverage, Day 2, Martin, Michigan

Day 2 coverage from Jay Brown, FordFE.com

Larry Larson runs Drag Week’s fastest pass ever: 7.25 at 199

Jeff Lutz’s ’57 Chevy is out!

Video: Jay Brown’s SOHC ’64 Galaxie runs 9.53 at 140

SideJobPhotos shots of Drag Week

Day 3 results

Event coverage, Day 3,  Norwalk, Ohio

Day 3 coverage by Jay Brown

Carnage: Yost Firebird frags a transmission

Day 4 coverage by Jay Brown, plus 9.50 video

Video: 1957 Chevy running 7.81 at 180 mph

Event coverage, Day 4, Hebron, Ohio

Larry Larson wins Drag Week overall

Mike Thompson’s 1968 Caprice wins Big-Block Power Adder

Doc Fox ’67 Corvette wins Modified Power Adder

Jay Brown wins Modified Naturally Aspirated

Jon Huber wins Small-Block Power Adder with a 4-Banger

Mike Wood wins Diesel class with a Mustang

Mike Crow ‘Cuda wins Small-Block Naturally Aspirated

Larry Larson runs 204 mph in the last moments

Michael Roy upset win in Pro Street Power Adder

Curt Johnson S10 wins Pro Street Naturally Aspirated

Gary Satterlee Chevy-powered Mustang wins Big Block Naturally Aspirated

Video: Larry Larson’s 204-mph pass

Hot Rod Drag Week coverage from 1320Video.com

Event coverage, Day 5, Muncie, Indiana

Mike Thompson 1968 Caprice

Mike Thompson’s 1968 Caprice

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