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Car Show Coverage: Our New Favorite! Haddick’s Hot Rod and Custom Car Show 2012

Car Show Coverage: Our New Favorite! Haddick’s Hot Rod and Custom Car Show 2012

Southern California is full of cool car shows, and with weather like we have they happen all year long. The Haddick’s Towing and Autobody Hot Rod and Custom Car Show is one of the good ones. We know the gang that puts it on, the proceeds go to charity, and it’s fun for the whole family. GUARANTEED!!! Seriously, if you don’t have fun at this show you should give away your hot rods and buy a Prius. I say give them away because you don’t deserve the cash from them. We’ve got a bunch of cool photos from the show so check out a few samples below and click on the link for all of them.

Now here’s the back story to this whole deal. Newell Ruggles, aka Cool Newell on the BangShift.com Forums, is part of the Haddick’s Towing family and one hell of a great car guy. He has been know to cover events for us here at BangShift.com, and a couple years ago told us that he wanted to put on a car show. We told him he was a complete nut job. It’s a ton of work, you can’t make any money, and you’ll hate it is what we told him. Damn if the kid didn’t prove us wrong.

For more information on Haddick’s Hot Rod and Custom Car Show, visit their site here.

There is plenty more to read about below, but if you just can’t wait,

The whole event is centered around raising money for the City of Industry’s Sheriff’s Youth Athletic League, and thanks to hot rod sponsors like Sutton Engineering, RK Automotive, Kugel Components, California Mustangs, and Submission Engines, this show is one huge success. The sponsors on this thing are super impressive, and a complete list that includes Pepsi, Famers Insurance, Enterprise Rent-A-Car, and a ton of others can be found below. Thanks to last years sponsors the Haddick Car Show was able to make a $12,500 donation to the Sheriff’s Y.A.L, and this year they hope that number doubles.

Besides hundreds of cool cars, the show also features carnival games, food, live music, vendors, and a huge climbing wall for the kids. Seriously, this is the ultimate one day family car show, and next year BangShift is going to be involved for real. We’re already talking to Newell about having hand built BangShift.com trophies, special awards, and more so mark your calendars for 2013. We’ll announce the dates asap.

Special Thanks to All the Haddick’s Hot Rod and Custom Car Show Sponsors for 2012, and congratulations to the Industry Sheriff’s Youth Athletic League for another successful show.


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