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Coverage: First Annual BangShift.com Forum Freaks Bologna Bash

Coverage: First Annual BangShift.com Forum Freaks Bologna Bash

When Ridetech decided to partner with us here at BangShift.com, in an effort to support our own Forum Freaks during Hot Rod’s Power Tour, we all knew it was going to be a good time. And when we announced the BBQ, and the fact that we were headlining grilled bologna, I think some people thought we couldn’t be serious. I mean who grills bologna? We do dammit!

And they came out in droves to eat it to. We served over 150 people at the Ridetech display during the Power Tour stop in Bowling Green Kentucky! We went through 240 slices of thick cut, good, bologna, 16 lbs of wings (they were the appetizers), a boat load of potato salad, chips, and stuff. It was awesome. If you weren’t a registered BangShift.com Forum Freak, you couldn’t get it, and there were a lot of folks wanting in.

The plan is to go bigger and better next year. We’ll keep you posted. In the meantime sign up on BangShift.com so you can become a Forum Freak. Its FREE, because we couldn’t very well charge you to be a member of a whacky group like this, and membership has it’s privileges.

Here are a couple of photos.

Click here to see the rest in the Forum Freaks BBQ gallery.

BangShift Ridetech BBQ

Below you’ll see the Cherry Bomb crew coming buy to help organize all the Freaks for their group photo.

Forum Freaks BBQ

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