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Guerilla Power Tour Coverage: Evening Edition

Guerilla Power Tour Coverage: Evening Edition



The Tuesday evening submissions are rolling in! There’s action at Beech Bend Raceway tonight with lots of Power Tour participants thrashing on their junk, the RideTech/BangShift.com Forum Freak BBQ is rocking and rolling, and Bowling Green law enforcement is generating revenue for the city. Um, yeah.

It also goes without mentioning that the guys from Cherry Bomb are horsing around.



Sent by Matt Graves of Cherry Bomb Tuesday, June 8, 8:07PM

(Editor’s Note: That’s Jimmy “The Kraken” Hawkens on the bottom and Denver Nageotte on the top. In case you are wondering, Jimmy is friggin’ huge…we’ve met him. DO NOT attempt to arm wrestle)

Jimmy and Denver from Cherry Bomb 

Sent by BangShift.com reader James Bishir Tuesday, June 8, 8:02PM

Wreckless driving. 160 dollars in bg (Editor’s Note: WHOOPS!)

Bowling Green's finest 

Beech Bend Raceway 

Sent by BangShift.com reader Kevin Coogan Tuesday, June 8, 8:13PM

(Editor’s Note: Holy crap! This is a hot streak! Proof of Chad working two days in a row?!)

Chad hard at work 

Sent by BangShift.com reader Leon Biediadecki Tuesday, June 8, 8:58PM

First picture, after looking at bird s*it on the side of the RideTech motorhome, Sharon decided to get out the detailer and make the spot bigger.

Second shot is the Magnaflow guy taking the photo of the Bangshift gang this evening.

Bird poop on Motorhome 

Group photo! 



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