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Guerilla Power Tour Coverage: Busted Cars, Superman, and Deer Heads

Guerilla Power Tour Coverage: Busted Cars, Superman, and Deer Heads



The hits just keep on coming! Tomfoolery and fun seemed to be the big theme of the photo submissions today as Power Tour participants made their way toward Bowling Green, Kentucky. Who’d a thunk there was a giant statue of Superman in Metropolis, Illinois. 

Aside from all the fun interaction with the other people on the tour, we’re most sore about missing stuff like this. Roadside Americana is just about our favorite thing in the world.

To the submissions!

Sent by BangShift.com reader Bill Dunphy, Sunday, June 6, 2:47PM

(Editor’s Note: Are those seats SFI approved?!)

Hot Rod fire truck 

Sent by BangShift.com reader James Bishir, Tuesday, June 8, 12:30PM

Buick and Superman

Our hero! 

(Editor’s Note: This looks like the cars are all huddled together in reverence for Superman!)

Superman and Muscle Cars 

Submitted by BangShift.com reader VSolo, Tuesday, June 8, 1:10PM

Ummm WEIRD! 

Sent by Cherry Bomb’s Matt Graves, Tuesday June 8, 6:13PM

From the triage mash unit at the Cherry Bomb trailer. Our team of guys from Memphis are having no luck today. Their rat rod has wiped out the cam, broken a push rod etc. The old ambulance has blown a radiator. And the 91 Camaro has a cracked sub-frame. Bangshift support team 1 will provide our team some on site grub at the bbq while we thrash all night at the show grounds. We may be working on the rat rod in the trailer while blast down to the next stop. Its only going to get worse as we go further south into the heat..

Busted Rat Rod 


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