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SEMA 2017 Coverage: More New Goodness From MSD – The Award-Winning Stand-Alone Solid State Relay

SEMA 2017 Coverage: More New Goodness From MSD – The Award-Winning Stand-Alone Solid State Relay

Wiring. Yeah, it’s the part of the build that is solidly important, yet it’s also the part of the deal that at least 95% of people would be more than happy to not touch. And I’m guilty as hell in that end, too, which I’m always reminded of when someone tells me that they saw my car’s twenty seconds of fame on an episode of Roadkill, when Finnegan was asking what species of devil tore up the wiring in my Imperial. (By the way, that would be Neotoma albigula, the White-Throated Wood Rat, commonly referred to as the desert packrat.) So let’s say that you have decided to finally break out the strippers and clean up the spaghetti. Where do you start? How about starting with the folks at MSD, who you know make decent stuff, and their new, award-winning relay block system? Pick between red and black, and get to work!

Clean up your wiring with an MSD Solid State Relay Block. This module takes the place of 4 standard relays and eliminates unsightly wiring. 4 independent channels can be activated using either power or ground. Each channel is capable of handling up to 20 Amps of continuous current providing up to 80 Amps of power. Controls electric fans, water pumps, nitrous solenoids, auxiliary lighting and any other electrical accessories that would normally require a relay. LED status indicators ensure proper wiring and operation of each channel. Should a problem arise, the relay block has built-in automatic over-temp, short circuit and overload protection. The 7564 can easily be mounted using the supplied hardware and mounting tabs that can be rotated 90° to accommodate various mounting locations. It’s compact and clean design will make your wiring project a breeze.


  • 4 Channels, 20 Amps each
  • Clean, easy install with minimum wiring
  • Over temp, short circuit and overload protection
  • Diagnostic LED’s
  • Multiple mounting options
  • Activate with power or ground
  • Channels can be run in parallel for devices requiring more than 20A single-channel rating

We weren’t kidding about “award winning”, either! Best Engineered New Product 2018! Congratulations, MSD!

CLICK HERE to check out these relays and more at MSD!

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2 thoughts on “SEMA 2017 Coverage: More New Goodness From MSD – The Award-Winning Stand-Alone Solid State Relay

  1. b3m

    oh good. I am getting one. I have been using a 220v mig weld switch, an original key, 5 relays, a custom home made underhood buss box dispersed to a second box to go to a final fuse box under dash…

  2. sbg

    I’ve been admiring solid state relays for awhile, I like that solution… wonder if it is wallet-friendly or more bank-vault friendly?


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