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Ford Will Make 250 Copies Of The GT Each Year And Sell Them For About $400,000

Ford Will Make 250 Copies Of The GT Each Year And Sell Them For About $400,000

The new Ford GT has a lot going for it: Great looks, a V6 that has a racing pedigree, and heritage for miles. The biggest upset at the Detroit Motor Show, the GT rolled out to a ton of fanfare, but two questions lingered: how many, and how much? Ford’s new tactic is to keep their mouths shut on certain details, like horsepower figures, but in the case of the GT, one would think that in order to get the cars moving once production is up and running, Ford would want a waiting list handy. In order to buy a car, a price should probably be noted, and a lot of prospective buyers of a supercar like the GT want the power figures in hand before they sign up. Well, we only have the “over 600 horsepower” quote to go by, but at Geneva the price and production numbers were announced: 250 cars for years, which is reasonable enough. But Ford Performance director Dave Pericak has said that they are targeting the Lamborghini Aventador’s price. The Aventador starts at $397,500.

We have a question: how can Ford justify a large jump in price to the supercar? At it’s highest in 2006, the last-gen Ford GT was stickering for $149,995. We know that the market for these high-end cars is out of reach for most, but at least the last-generation GT was within a reasonable reach. It was still reasonably accessible and was a massively cheaper alternative to Ferrari, Porsche and Lamborghini while meeting them head-on at the track, ready to fight. That was a winning package back then, so what in the royal hell changed in the last ten years that requires another $250K investment to keep up? We are hoping that the V6 blows everybody’s doors off, because with that kind of price, it damn well better.


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13 thoughts on “Ford Will Make 250 Copies Of The GT Each Year And Sell Them For About $400,000

  1. Chevy Hatin' Mad Geordie

    A Ford GT with a V6 – are they mad!

    John Wyer, Carrol Shelby and anyone else remotely involved with Ford’s racing programme will be spinning in their graves so fast it will create a black whole which will go on to consume the entire solar system!

    So unless you want to be responsible for the end of all things – stick a V8 into it Ford – you know it makes sense!

    1. Bryan McTaggart Post author

      The V6 was designed to live up to all of the abuse Chip Ganassi and team could throw at it. My sticking point isn’t the engine. It’s a price that more than doubled since the last car came out.

      1. jeff

        Yeah Bryan, the price is definitely high…but it’s almost 10 years later. I ordered a new diesel truck 10 years ago. The same “exact” truck now is almost exactly 25% higher. And you have to think, the 05 era GT didn’t have a lot of technology. A basic supercharged charged 5.4, but not really any other high-end tech. This car is loaded with more tech, which would include the engine, transmission and shifting, carbon fiber wheels, etc. Is it worth 400k??….beats me. We’ll see how it competes when the numbers come out. However, think of how much more car you get now, versus the previous model. I believe this car is on a whole other level than the one you’re comparing it to. Might be apples to oranges. We’ll see! Glad you guys are following up on this car though.

        1. jeff

          And also let me add…Maybe true racers don’t want all the added technology of this new car. Maybe they would want a more basic 05ish car….but I think this car speaks to a different audience and buyer. The kind you’d regularly see on 1320 videos! Maybe that’s what you were getting at.

  2. Jeff

    No going to get into the V6 vs V8 debate AGAIN on here. We can wait for the site’s troll to start that mess about the Ecoboost being Ford’s worst engine ever, blah blah blah…..but…this car would absolutely dominate an old 427 car or the 5.4 car it replaces. Even in a straight line. Yeah, no neat v8 noises we love, but if you watch the videos of these…they do sound sick! So much spooool! And this coming from a lover of old cars, and hater of new cars. But when something works better at the supercar level, you have to go with it. Wyer, Shelby, and the rest would be applauding this marvel of technology. Their cars were revolutionary then, just as this is now. If you’re buying a $400k supercar, learn to change with the times, friends. If they drop the V8 from the Mustang, then we can balk!

  3. john

    I’m sooo glad that Ford will build cars for people with massive disposable income. Can’t wait to hear in a few years that since they lost so much money producing GT’s that they will close facilities to make up the loss. Build (good?) cars a trucks for normal people and let the $$$ go to the bespoke manufacturers.

    1. jeff

      I guess I just don’t see what’s so wrong with Ford making a supercar, John…? They make plenty of other vehicles that are priced for everyone with incomes A to Z. Why so much hate on this car? Is it because you (and I for that matter) can’t afford it? It will sell. There are buyers for it. I just won’t be able to have one in my garage. Doesn’t mean I can’t appreciate it, as I will the NSX and other supercars.

      1. john

        Hate…hardly, afford one…only if I could get a mortgage. . After being in a GT 40, or even a new Corvette, I need a better view of the world as in looking down as opposed to looking up. My SRT-4 is as low as I want to be and it’s fast enough.

  4. Nick D.

    I approve of Ford’s forward thinking concept of putting the V6 in it. Somebody has to push the envelope. And I get that it’s a real nice, real high-end car, but yowza, that’s a steep price tag.

  5. Scott Liggett

    And, if the V6 sounds like a sick Mustang II, Ford will just pipe Ferrari noises through the stereo speakers.

  6. RacerRick

    So how does this compare to the Viper GT3-R in performance….they are priced pretty much the same….

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