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Great Thread: Saving A Rare 427 Impala Custom Coupe From Certain Doom

Great Thread: Saving A Rare 427 Impala Custom Coupe From Certain Doom

We were tipped off to an awesome thread on Yenko.net involving the resurrection of a rare, 427, 4-speed, 1968 Impala Custom Coupe. There are tons of photos showing the car as it was discovered and the beginnings of the restoration process. We see lots of rusted junk in the surrounds of our New England-based east coast headquarters, but this car is in truly rough shape to start with. Hell, there were trees growing through it when it was towed home!

Originally equipped with the L72 425hp 427 and a Muncie M21 4-speed, the car was liberated of its motor in the early 1970s. The engine went into a drag car and the handsome Matador Red Impala was placed in a field to slowly rot into the Earth. 

The good news is that the car is now in the hands of a young guy who is motived and plans to work it back into factory shape. The more formal roof line of the custom coupe nearly tricked us into thinking it was a Caprice at first glance. This will be one killer full-sized car when it is done. Seeing how awful the roof is makes us thankful that this one is being brought back by someone other than us.

The thread is packed with great pics and info about the car. It’s a great story!  

We need to thank Norwegian BangShift.com member Arlid for the tip on this one!

Source — Yenko.net —  1968 L72 M21 Impala Custom Coupe

Tree Growing Through Impala 


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