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Jalopnik Commenter: Freiburger for Car & Driver?

Jalopnik Commenter: Freiburger for Car & Driver?

If you’ve never checked out Jalopnik, it’s a huge blog site for guys who are a lot like car guys only not. It’s mostly for people who care about the likes of, say, Car & Driver, and a recent posting questioned who might or should become the new editor of the mag now that longtime EIC Csabe Cesre has left the building. While the notion is somewhat laughable, I can’t deny a little pride that my name came up a few times with Jalopnik commenters (users, not staffers).

More hilarious and intuitive than me being mentioned is the overall review by commenter “LorenzoPhrixus,” who had this to say:

“Here’s The Tout Board on C/D’s next EIC:

E. Alterman 22-1 Good instincts, no C/D experience

M. Gilles 21-1 Already in the chair, easy transition. But a Brit.

L. Webster 21-1 Well respected, long-time C/Der. Could come back.

F. Markus 21-1 Well respected, long-time C/Der. Could come back.

S. Cole Smith 26-1 Beloved former Exec. Editor. Mag was strong while he was there.

K. Smith 30-1 Now at Edmunds.com. But a known quantity with a strong background at both C/D and MT. And at Automobile.

J. Jennings 30-1 Surely already campaigning. And a suitably big personality.

S. Oldham 50-1 Has run Edmunds.com’s Inside Line well. Hard worker. Ambitious. Did a good job at Sport Compact.

D. Freiburger 80-1 Hardcore hot rodder who needs a job. Big talent, did a great job at Hot Rod. May not care about new cars.

D. Neil 80-1 Has a Pulitzer and was a regular C/D contributor. But liable to throw firebombs at advertisers.

M. Stone 80-1 MT Exec Editor who really wanted the R&T job. But more impressive to himself than anyone else.

R. Farago 100-1 Mass insanity could grip Hachette… it’s possible.

C. Van Tune 100-1 Rumor is, he’s still alive. Somewhere.”

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