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“Land Speed” Louise Calls Out Jesse James

“Land Speed” Louise Calls Out Jesse James

There has been some pretty heavy-duty internet hype surrounding Jesse James and his recent high-speed, hydrogen-powered exploits at El Mirage Dry Lake. Heck, Chad Reynolds, my partner here at BangShift.com was involved in getting the car completed.

While the vast majority of the gearhead world seems to have taken the feat for what it was, fodder for James’s SpikeTV show, and a large publicity stunt, at least one person seems to be taking it as an affront to the land speed racing community.

LSR historian Louise Ann Noeth, or as most people know her, “Land Speed Louise,” is educating the world that even though Jesse may have driven a hydrogen-powered hot rod faster than anyone before, he did not set a “world record” because no organized sanctioning body oversaw the feat and the procedural rules observed by bodies like the SCTA were not followed.

It seems to us that she’s taking this thing way too seriously. Apparently she contacted James and he responded as any true gearhead would, with profanity.

Read an overly serious press release here while the producers of Jesse’s show laugh all the way to the bank for the free publicity. Jeez Louise.


TV’s Jesse James Fraudulantly Claims Hydrogen-Powered World Speed Record, Says ‘Landspeed Louise’

CREVE COEUR, MO – June 23, 2009: Noted automotive journalist and world landspeed historian Louise Ann Noeth has challenged television motorcycle guy Jesse James to a duel over his claim to have set a new world landspeed record.

According to a press release from Ms. Noeth and her company, Landspeed Productions, Jesse James claims he set the world record for hydrogen-powered vehicles on June 16th on the southern California El Mirage dry lake.

However, the press release states, “The claim is without merit since the activities were conducted without benefit of any motorsports sanctioning authority. The vehicle was neither inspected, nor certified and all the timing personnel were on the James TV payroll.”

Louise Ann Noeth, known affectionately as LandSpeed Louise, is a veteran of several world landspeed record campaigns (some successful, some not). Her knowledge of the history, regulations and personalities involved in the efforts is nearly legendary.

“World speed records require two runs over a one-mile course within one hour. James was 5,148 feet short — being timed one-way for a total of 132 feet; he made only three or four passes over an eight to ten-hour period. Any world record holder will tell you it’s quite a technical feat to hold speed for a full mile,” wrote Louise.

The baseless speed stunt was reportedly for the season-ending episode of James’s TV show, Jesse James is a Dead Man. The episode is set to air in early August.

Louise adds, “James claims to have bested the FIA ratified BMW HR2 record of 185 mph. The BMW HR2 race car set 9 international and FIA-ratified land-speed records for hydrogen cars at the Miramas Proving Grounds in France. The BMW HR2 is one of the few hydrogen cars developed with internal combustion engine (ICE) technology instead of fuel cell technology. Mr. James efforts count for absolutely nothing on the world motorsports stage and amount to little more than a self-promoting “TV racer” PR stunt since he chose to ignore the sport’s sanctioning rules that have applied to all records certified for the past 80 years.”

Louise also reported that when contacted to explain the fraudulent claim, James responded with a short crude retort that reminded her that vulgarity is indeed the refuge of a destitute mind.


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