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Oooh, Pretty: Kinsler Fuel Injection System For Small-Block Chevrolet

Oooh, Pretty: Kinsler Fuel Injection System For Small-Block Chevrolet

Carburetor versus fuel injection. It’s one of those wars of opinion that will never see an end. There are those who are fiercely loyal to carburetors, and there are those who will swear up and down that fuel injection is the way to go. Who is right? Who is wrong? Even today, in 2020, there are pros and cons on both sides of the coin. Far as we’re concerned, there are only a couple of considerations that need to be made in order to make the correct call. One is function. Obviously, if the junk doesn’t work, there’s no point in using it, right? That doesn’t mean that a carb is junk automatically. But if it’s wearing half a century’s worth of varnish, has a linkage that sticks harder than a radial racer’s tire and is really only useful for blowing the occasional fireball, then that’s a big no. There’s performance parameters that have to be met as well. Ask anyone that’s put a 750 double pumper onto a 305 Chevy that has seen exactly zero upgrades otherwise. (Yeah, I speak from experience there…)
Third is aesthetics. This is subjective, but hear me out. Yeah, a Quadrajet will get the job done once it’s tuned up properly. Yeah, stock fuel injection works. But take one look at this Kinsler fuel-injection system and tell me you wouldn’t have this sticking up through your hood ever-so-slightly? If you can’t dig the look of velocity stacks on a beastly little small-block….why are you here, again? This unit used to live on a 1959 Devin racer that was running a 355 Chevy SBC and has been around for a couple of decades at least. Kinser themselves rebuilt the kit fifteen years ago specifically for the car and it’s tuned to a science. We’re talking a .062-inch main jet and a high-speed jet of .254-inch.

I’m not diving too deep into the details because frankly, there’s a lot I don’t know about these systems and I’m not going to baffle you with bullshit. But tell me that those stacks would not look badass sticking out of the hood of a second-gen Camaro. I’d build an engine to line up with the specs provided in the paperwork that comes with this entire kit, which includes the belt-driven pump, the vapor separator tank, and plenty of braided lines.

Bring A Trailer auction: Kinsler Fuel Injection System for Small-Block Chevrolet

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7 thoughts on “Oooh, Pretty: Kinsler Fuel Injection System For Small-Block Chevrolet

  1. MGBChuck

    NEED! have a 358ci Gen 1 sbc (aluminum rod, 12+to 1 comp., .600″ lift roller, ported 492 heads), this would look glorious sticking out the hood of my MGB (actually book marked the add and will see where the bidding is on Friday), have a friend who ran FI on the street in the 70s on a SBC, he said it could be made to work on my stuff (sounds like it might be pretty close now)

    1. Bad Boo

      I have a 67 Chevelle SS with an Enderle Injection set up with birdcatcher scoop w tun ram. 496 BBC with 760 lift and 14 to 1 pistons. Thing is a blast to drive on the street. Complete show stopper. Have 3 fuel tanks and am on methanol. Thumbs up for mechanical fuel Injection.

    2. familyguy81

      You should just copy and paste your cars info and engine since you bring it up in every single freaking comment.

  2. john

    tempted to bid on this. i have a kinsler already. getting ready to cut it up to fit my engine. hopefully i won’t scrap it out.

  3. old guy

    See utube Maclaren Can Am BBC startup ! Already warm, mech inj big cam
    Sounds like it is started with a hand grenade !
    That 383 w/cam + comp would be perfect for this !
    Just be prepared to set off car alarms and dirty some shorts

  4. Roundly Round

    You need to understand how a constant flow system works. New cars use a timed flow system but Volvo and a few others use to have constant flow systems in the 60s on production cars so you can definatly make it work on the street with the proper low speed and high speed bypass. Then just change to larger high speed bypass for a race by just changing the high speed pill. Or if you get good at it they make a dial a jet just don’t run it to lean it will go.fast but you will end up with a hole in the top of your piston.

  5. Dave

    Remember the Rochester system on Corvettes from 57 thru 65 or 66? It was a constant flow system. Of course it had lots of ancillaries to make it work in most highway driving conditions. The later ones looked good too.

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