Big News! RideTech’s Street Grip System Pre-Order Now Available For 1958-64 B-Body Chevrolets

Big News! RideTech’s Street Grip System Pre-Order Now Available For 1958-64 B-Body Chevrolets

If you are building, driving, or thinking of upgrading your 1958-1964 Chevrolet B-Body boy do we have good news for you! RideTech has announced that they are now accepting pre-orders for their production of the new Street Grip system for your car! That’s right, you’ll be able to reap all the benefits many hot rodders already have with the installation of RideTech StreetGrip and we can personally attest to the value, quality, and performance of the package because we have worked directly with it.

What sets these kits apart from the Camaro and Chevelle stuff you have likely seen is the fact that, again, all of the parts are engineered for the car itself and with the 1958-1964 B-Body Chevrolet it you receive a new set of spindles that allow for a lower stance to get that performance look but do not mess with the compression travel of the suspension. That travel is important for maintaining ride quality and keeping the smoothness you have come to expect from your car. You’ll also get a performance edge as well with the adjustable shocks, duel rate springs, and upgrade bushings, as well as the swap bars.

We wish we had one of these big Chevs to upgrade ourselves!

RideTech StreetGrip For 1958-1964 GM B-Body
Now Available For Pre-Order!

Today’s discerning hotrodder wants to enjoy driving their older musclecar as much as they enjoy driving their new Camaro. You want ride quality. You want handling performance. You DO NOT want to spend weeks or thousands of dollars to accomplish this.

RideTech feels the same way! That is why the StreetGrip suspension system was created.

The virtues of a quality RideTech suspension system have been well-documented on highways and race tracks all over the world. Now, we have combined this history of product quality and racing success into the intelligent hotrodders efficient suspension system…
the RideTech StreetGrip!

  • Easy to install – direct replacement for factory suspension – no other modifications necessary
  • RADICAL improvement to ride quality and handling performance
  • Vehicle-specific dual-rate front AND rear coilsprings offer the best of both worlds…ride quality AND crisp handling
  • Delrin front control arm bushings eliminate unwanted movement and stiction in front suspension
  • Tall balljoints dramatically improve OEM camber curve to give your car a much more stable feel through the corners
  • Larger front and rear swaybar minimizes unwanted body roll through the corners
  • Delrin swaybar bushings eliminate unwanted movement and stiction in the swaybar to improve ride quality and handling performance
  • Vehicle-specific RideTech HQ series rebound adjustable shocks offer the ultimate in ride quality and handling performance
  • Drop spindles allow for lowered stance without compromising compression travel

1967-1969 Camaro
1970-1981 Camaro
1964-1967 GM A-Body
1968-1972 GM A-Body
1958-1964 GM B-Body
1955-1957 Chevy Tri-5 (COMING SOON)
1964-1970 Mustang (COMING SOON)
1964-1972 C10 Truck (COMING SOON)

Media Contact:
Jason Brady – [email protected] – 812-481-4705
Sales Contact:
Darren Schilling – [email protected] – 812-481-4706
Watch the videos below to learn more about StreetGrip components!
StreetGRIP Overview
StreetGRIP Springs
StreetGRIP Balljoints
StreetGRIP Shocks
StreetGRIP Bushings
StreetGRIP SwayBars
StreetGRIP Chevelle LIVE Installation

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