Got A 2015 Mustang? It Is Eating Its Own Oil And A Moroso Air Oil Separator Can Stop It (Video)

Got A 2015 Mustang? It Is Eating Its Own Oil And A Moroso Air Oil Separator Can Stop It (Video)

There are very few things that can actually be complained about when speaking on modern high performance engines. The power levels, the economy, and the reliability are all incredible. But hot rodders being hot rodders, we need to identify problems and fix them. That is exactly what Moroso has been doing with their line of air-oil separators. The latest part number deals with the 2015 Mustang and the install shows how the whole unit goes in with a small amount of wrenching for you.

Back to our complaint. Modern high performance mills eat oil and they eat a lot of it. Why? There are a few factors but the use of ever thinner oils and low tension rings to reduce the internal friction in the engines. This also creates an environment where oil vapor is traveling in lots of places you’d prefer it didn’t like down the intake tract an into the combustion chamber. The Moroso Air-Oil Separator is a very simple concept. The vapor that would normally be getting sucked right into the intake is first pulled through the Moroso chamber. Particles heavier than air fall out and the rest travels on. Eventually (like in a few hundred miles) you will have a measurable amount of oil in the can. Keeping the oil out of the combustion chamber is good for everything from the spark plugs to your catalytic converters. Plus you just dump the oil your car would have burned right back into the valve cover and you’re back in buisness. Lickety split install and immediate results, that is our kind of stuff.

Check it out here!


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