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New Parts: McLeod Racing Offers Chrome Moly Flywheels For Mustang Applications

New Parts: McLeod Racing Offers Chrome Moly Flywheels For Mustang Applications

When it comes to running a stick shift transmission in your high performance car, matching the components to what your performance needs are is key. McLeod Racing offers a ton of options for hot street cars all the way to full on race machines and they have added another option for Mustang owners with these new Chrome Moly flywheels. Why Chrome Moly? The company already offers nodular iron, billet steel, and aluminum flywheels and these Chrome Moly steel pieces fill a gap in the lineup. Lighter than nodular iron but not as hardcore as the billet steel and aluminum pieces, these are great for someone looking for something stronger and lighter than stock as they are advancing up the performance ladder.

What Mustangs are they available for? 86-95 5.0L cars, 96-2010 4.6L, 11-13 5.0L, and 07-11 5.4L 8-bolt setups as well. That covers literally millions of cars and virtually every Mustang made for the last 30 years with any high performance tilt to it. Here’s the full scoop from McLeod Racing.


Placentia, CA – January 15, 2014 –McLeod has added Chrome Moly flywheels to its already expansive line up of high quality flywheels for the Mustang market. McLeod Chrome Moly flywheels offer Mustang owners a lightweight yet incredibly strong flywheel option. With a heat-treated friction area and integrated ring gear, Chrome Moly flywheels are an excellent choice for any performance Mustang application.

“The addition of these awesome new flywheels really rounds out our flywheel offering. ” says Paul Lee, NHRA Funny Car Driver and McLeod Racing owner, “If you own a Mustang then we have the flywheel you are looking for.“ McLeod’s new Chrome Moly Flywheels are available for 86-95 5.0L in both 28 oz. & 50 oz. options, 96-10 4.6L 6 bolt and 96-10 4.6L/11-13 5.0L/07-11 5.4L 8 bolt. McLeod also offers Nodular Iron, Billet Steel and Aluminum flywheels.

About McLeod Racing:

McLeod Racing, LLC is a leading global supplier of clutch kits, clutch components, hydraulics, flywheels, bellhousings and other performance driveline products. McLeod is proud to have been providing cutting edge products, and industry leading service to the world’s foremost performance automotive, light truck and racing enthusiasts, for over 40 years. For more information regarding premium high performance driveline products from McLeod Racing, please visit



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