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PRI 2014: Fragola Performance Systems Expands Fitting Line With More Solutions To Your High Performance Plumbing Quandries

PRI 2014: Fragola Performance Systems Expands Fitting Line With More Solutions To Your High Performance Plumbing Quandries

From fuel, to intercoolers, to reducers and expanders, Fragola Performance Systems is once again meeting the needs today’s high performance plumbing solutions with a wide array of additions to their product line. We caught up with Fragola’s Jeff Stacy at the 2014 PRI show and he took us through a great selection of new parts and pieces from Fragola that do everything from improving the overall quality to your driving experience to improving the look and professional level quality of your plumbing jobs. PTFE hose will eliminate the annoying gas smell that permeates many of today’s modern hot rods because materials other than PTFE allow vapor to seep out and make your nice hot rod smell like the inside of a fuel barrel. The company’s Real Street line of products uses PTFE hose to eliminate the smell and their Direct Fit hose ends eliminate the needs for adapters and other cantankerous solutions to hook the line up directly. That’s a cleaner install and the fewer fittings you are adding in the chain, the better off you will be in the end.

Other new additions include reducers and expanders that allow you to do things like going from a -10AN line on one end to a -12 on the other. This is a clean and tidy solution that is available in red, blue, or black depending on your color preference. If you are a turbo guy and are wanting to plumb your intercooler with parts and pieces that don’t look like you sourced them from the local home improvement warehouse store there’s new -20 push lock hose ends available in both straight and 90-degree angles. Fragola also has the -20 hose which we are proud to report that is made in the USA (like every single thing that they sell). It is one thing to have great hose ends but if you attached them to a foreign, freaky, unknown hose, you aren’t doing yourself any favors.

We mentioned the Real Street line of hose ends earlier and there are additional applications designed to be used with specific carbs like the Holley Ultra HP, and Braswell carbs. The piece for the Holley Ultra HP eliminates the crush washer with the use of an O-ring and you don’t need to be a rocket surgeon to see the benefits there, especially if the vehicle is one that sees frequent tuning carb tuning and removal in race applications or if you just want the peace of mind of using an o-ringed style end which has sealing benefits on its own.

We’ve said this before, but products like this are kind of the unsung heros of your hot rod. Yes they have visual appeal but the solutions that they provide save you lots of time and unnecessary planning, rigging, and figuring during your build. They are also precision made pieces that are designed to do a job and do it well. Fragola Performance System’s reputation backs that fact up. We can’t wait to go on our plant tour soon!

Scroll down to see photos of the new shiny goodness from Fragola Performance Systems –

fragola performance001

Here’s the full array of new hose ends and fittings from Fragola.

fragola performance004

Reducers, expanders, these guys have it all.

fragola performance005

Intercooler users, here’s what we were talking about above with the -20 hose ends and high quality hose from Fragola. You can see the good ol’ made in the USA logo right on it. No more hardware store looking stuff on your hot rod.

fragola performance006

That shiny hose with the nice end on it is a sample of what the Fragola Real Street line has to offer with PTFE tubing that eliminates the stink of fuel vapor which permeates virtually all other types of flexible line.

fragola performance010

This banjo fitting is way cool and can be a life saver for hooking up to a fuel rail or in Larry Larson’s case, getting a fuel vent situation handled in very limited space.

fragola performance008

These little guys are carb adapters that have specific applications for fuel mixers from the likes of Holley, Braswell, etc.

fragola performance002 fragola performance003 fragola performance007 fragola performance009

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