Ridetech’s New Delrin Bushings That Will Make Your Corvette Handle Like It REALLY Should

Ridetech’s New Delrin Bushings That Will Make Your Corvette Handle Like It REALLY Should

I hate to break it to all you Corvette guys, but your bushings suck. Now before you get all defensive, know that I think the C5 and C6 Corvettes are some of the most bad ass performing cars ever sold for the money. BUT…Chevrolet has to make sure that they ride nice, and some other stuff that isn’t all about performance, and unfortunately they also have to watch their pennies. Delrin, which is the most magical bushing material in the history of ever is expensive. It just is, and that is what it is. But Ridetech has spent the money to develop Delrin bushings for your C5 or C6 Corvette that will change the way you drive. Oh, and it will still ride nice and not squeak!

Ridetech C5_C6 Delring Bushings Corvette

C5/C6 Corvette Delrin Bushing Upgrade

  Looking to get all the performance out of your C5/C6 Corvette? Then RideTech has you covered! With very few upgrades you can turn a C5 or C6 into a highly competitive track animal. One modification that should be on every corvette owner’s list is getting rid of the factory spongy control arm bushings. Today’s Corvette drivers demand maximum performance without compromise and RideTech’s new direct fit bushing system will leave you with unrivaled control. Our “Direct Fit” technology makes upgrading your bushings a “DIY” breeze thanks to precise machining and included hardware.  Now you can take those curves with confidence.


• Delrin bushing design eliminates control arm shift common with factory bushings.

• Reduction in deflection creates consistent and predictable handling.

• Trunion design captures bushings from both sides increasing strength and rigidity in

   upper arms.

• Designed to resist binding at extreme alignment settings.

• Includes new trunions CNC machined from 4130 chromoly.

• No modifications necessary.

• Replaces all 16 control arm bushings.

• Split bushing design for easy installation.

                                    Part#            Price

1997-2013 C5/C6      11519500      $750

2006-2013 C6 Z06    11519501      $900


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