SEMA 2016: RideTech Has The Suspension World Buzzing – From Street Grip To Instinct, Check It Out

SEMA 2016: RideTech Has The Suspension World Buzzing – From Street Grip To Instinct, Check It Out

RideTech always brings the heat when it comes to the SEMA show. They take a lot of pride in keeping their product line constantly evolving and always trying to meet the ever changing demands of their customers. For 2016 there are some great pieces from the company to talk about but perhaps the hardest core product that they have ever released is their new Instinct line of shocks.

The RideTech by DSC system is pretty simple to explain. These electronically controlled shocks are called “instinct” because they know when you are going to turn, when you are going to brake, when you are going to corner, and when you are going to mash the gas to accelerate. Working closely with DSC the company has dropped a heck of a game changing product on the market. These are NOT “magnetic” shocks like the OEMs use. Instead these use a really interesting constantly variable orifice that controls the fluid movement in the shock in increments of like 60-milliseconds or something of that nature. There are multiple mode settings and the company is still working on developing more interesting applications for these shocks.

These are hardcore parts and while they may be over the head of the guy who just wants to cruise his classic, these are right in the wheel house of anyone who wants to hammer the daylights out of an autocross course or get nasty on the big bends of the road course. Truly a brand defining product here.

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The StreetGrip train keeps right on rolling –

On display (in their bad ass packaging) were two of RideTech’s StreetGrip systems. The C10 kit and the 1955-1957 kit were available for people to check out. Both kits retail for under $3,000 and are complete down to the hardware to bolt them onto your car or truck. The improvement in stance, ride quality, and control are pretty astounding. The nature of StreetGrip is not to turn your car into a racer but make it a ton more fun to drive and enjoy.

sema-show-2016-ridetech7 sema-show-2016-ridetech8 sema-show-2016-ridetech9


MagneTuner electronic suspension control –

High performance cars like Corvettes and Shelby Mustangs that are equipped with magnetic suspension systems have wowed enthusiasts for several years. The only thing that may be considered a “downside” is that drivers have had to live with the factory shock settings. No more. The Ridetech MagneTuner powered by DSC is a plug and play situation that allows drivers to fine tune their own suspension for different conditions like cruising, racing and more. Instead of just picking “touring” or “track” mode, drivers can now set up their car to their own liking and increase their driving experience and overall performance. This is awesome.



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