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STS Releases Twin Turbo Rear Mount Multi-Fit Systems. Turbos For Everyone!!!

STS Releases Twin Turbo Rear Mount Multi-Fit Systems. Turbos For Everyone!!!

That’s right folks, with the STS Twin Turbo Rear Mount Multi-Fit System you can mount twin remote mount turbos on ANYTHING! We shouldn’t event tell you the number of possibilities that have gone through our head since seeing this announcement. Should we twin remot mount turbo the Dually? Cole’s truck? Some junker we buy for $400? The Camaro? Anything on earth? If you answered YES to any of those then you are clearly our people. We can only begin to imagine all the greatness you guys have that would be appropriate for one of these too!

These new kits are capable of 760 horsepower according to STS, but we’ve seen them make nearly that to the tire on a couple of machines. Now keep in mind this isn’t one of their bolt on kits, they’ve got those for a ton of applications, but rather the kind of kit that allows you to build it your way on something that never would have had a a kit available. The details and more information are below. Check this out!

STS Turbo
STS continues to expand their popular line-up of remote mount turbocharger systems by offering two twin turbo multi-fit kits. Capable of supporting up to 650 and 760 horsepower respectively, these kits include most of the major components required to adapt rear-mount turbochargers to your vehicle! STS Rear Mount Multi Fit Dual Turbo Kits include turbochargers, waste-gates, air filters, patented twin pump oiling system, wiring harness and necessary turbo mounting flanges.
STS Turbo
STS Turbo overcomes the challenges of traditional installations by mounting the turbos in the rear of the vehicle in place of the stock mufflers (on some vehicles). With turbos instead of mufflers, you can retain stock exhaust manifolds, catalytic converters, mid pipes and have a distinctive performance sound that is sure to turn heads. Relocating the turbos to the rear avoids adding additional heat under your hood and you won’t have to worry about clearance or interference issues with belts, pulleys, or accessories.
STS1003 – Capable of supporting up to 650hp.
STS1004 – Capable of supporting up to 760hp.
To see other STS Turbo offerings (including single multi-fit and bolt-on rear mount systems), check out the brand’s product page HERE.

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  1. eric olson

    Looks super simple. I should have just waited for someone to come out with a kit, instead of building EVERYTHING from scratch.

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