The Future Is Here TODAY – RideTech Talks Magnetic Shocks, Explains Magneto-rheological Fluid

The Future Is Here TODAY – RideTech Talks Magnetic Shocks, Explains Magneto-rheological Fluid

There are few things in the automotive world that are more mind boggling than “active” suspension systems, especially those that use Magneto-rheological fluid and electricity to adjust a car’s suspension characteristics in amounts of time so small they aren’t even worth mentioning. RideTech has taken the lead in the aftermarket at not only tuning these systems to be more performance oriented but also by grabbing the bull by the horns and releasing suspension packages that use this Magneto-rheological fluid and turn even good handling cars into world class corner carving machines.

RideTech recently posted a cool piece that explains the systems, how they are using them and how easy products like the MagneTuner and others are to install on your car. If you think that high tech means hard work as far as upgrading your ride, you are sorely mistaken. The packaging and engineering in these things make them easy to bolt on and quick to figure out!

Here’s the word from RideTech – 

It might be the toughest word in the automotive vocabulary: “Magneto-rheological”. That’s eight syllables. Don’t worry, though; all that matters is that it the technology is awesome. “Magneto-rheological” fluid, aka MRF, is a type of oil that, when subjected to a magnetic field, greatly increases its viscosity. If it helps, you can just say “MagneRide”.

Bottom Line: MRF is smart fluid for your shocks. It offers you the best of both worlds: exceptional ride quality with ultra-high performance handling.  While MRF has been used in Corvettes for years, RideTech offers a plug-and-play tuning module for C7 Corvettes and other late model cars that greatly improves ride quality and handling at the push of a button.

MagnaTuner, supplied with RideTechs special calibration will greatly improve both the ride quality and handling of your late-model Corvette.

MagneTuners are available for C7 Corvettes as well as 2017 and newer Camaros with MagneRide. Systems are also available for Nissan GTR’s, MagneRide-equipped Porsches, Shelby GT350s, and 2018 Mustangs when equipped with MagneRide. The MagneTuner plug-and-play controller alters the factory calibration and interfaces with the factory mode select switch. Installation takes about 20 minutes. You also don’t need to be a suspension dynamics expert as RideTech ships each MagneTuner pre-calibrated; although you are certainly able to determine your own calibration if you so desire. Expect a dramatic improvement in both ride quality and handling, straight out of the box; with the MagneTuner system, there is no need to take apart your suspension or spend thousands of dollars on installation and tuning labor.

To learn more about MagneTuner, Click Here

PRO-TOURING CARS: While the new cars rely on Magneto-rheological technology, pro-touring cars will benefit from our Instinct Electronic Shock System. Instinct utilizes electro-mechanical valving that is similar to the tried and true technology used on many exotic super cars. Though quite different than Magneto-rheological technology, the goal is the same:  electronic adjustment. As of this writing, the Instinct System has been installed and developed on RideTech’s 48-Hour Corvette and Camaro as well a select few customer cars. RideTech president Bret Voelkel is personally involved in each sale.  We will delve deeper into the Instinct System — and its unique valving — in a future article.

To learn more about Instinct Electronic Shock Absorber Systems, Click Here

Here's a great "behind the scenes" shot: We snapped a photo of this complete Instinct System just prior to installation on the RideTech 48-Hour Camaro. Note the wiring that connects to each shock.


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