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Plug In Or Get Paid Out: Cadillac Is Putting A Half-Mil On The Table For Dealerships Who Don’t Want To Go All-In On EVs

Plug In Or Get Paid Out: Cadillac Is Putting A Half-Mil On The Table For Dealerships Who Don’t Want To Go All-In On EVs

If GM is going to have their way, Cadillac’s will be quieter than they ever have been by 2030, with the top-tier GM badge ditching the German target they’ve had since the late 1990s and instead taking aim at Tesla. Fully-electric SUVs and maybe one legacy sedan to keep that tinge of charac…oh, who are we kidding, it’ll be an all EV, all electric lineup and you’d better learn to love it or find a new home. That’s roughly what GM is pushing out to Cadillac dealers as part of the General’s plan to march swiftly to an all-humming future. In a plan laid out to investors, all 880 Cadillac dealerships have been offered a buyout option that can go up to a half-million dollars if the dealership does not want to commit fully to the transition.

Maybe it’s just us, but if there is one thing that makes us nervous, it’s GM rushing a product with their full weight behind it. Think about the Hummer brand for a second, and everything that was not the H1. Those didn’t age well, now did they? What about the Cadillac Northstar that was a darling until they went sour, or the 4.9, or the Tupperware factory that was cranking out body cladding for Pontiac at max capacity for fifteen-odd years? If it was our dealership on the line, it wouldn’t take long to take that check and run like hell. We wonder how many actually will bite down on that bait. Think about the last few years and Cadillac, and the string of sexy concepts like the Sixteen, Ciel, and Elmiraj (pictured) that left people stunned and begging for more, only to be told that instead they are getting the Lyriq. It wouldn’t be a hard decision for us.

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8 thoughts on “Plug In Or Get Paid Out: Cadillac Is Putting A Half-Mil On The Table For Dealerships Who Don’t Want To Go All-In On EVs

  1. Brian Cooper

    Why doesn’t someone build a CHEAP electric car? As I’ve said a million times; until the range and recharge time matches the range and refuel time of a gas car they are not practical for a large majority of people. Plus, I cannot afford even the cheapest Tesla. If GM wants to be serious they need to target the Nissan Versa. That’s the cheapest new car on the market and it’s a turd. Make an electric that sells under $20k.

    1. Matt Cramer

      Mitsubishi sold one for a while that met the under-$20K criteria. Unfortunately, it had a 62 mile range, and calling the interior a penalty box would be an insult to hockey rinks. It didn’t sell very well.

      1. Brian Cooper

        So make something that has range and doesn’t suck to ride in. 62 mile range is basically a fast and expensive golf cart. 300 mile range and comfortable. Price it to compete with the run of the mill basic Camry or Malibu.

    2. Anthony

      Second coming of the HT4100 and Northstar let’s throw diesels in there too. This time instead of head gaskets it’s going to be a lightning storm! I guess they will be able to build big Caddys again though. Should work out well….

  2. Larry

    I’m waiting for the other shoe to drop when they decide there are disposal problems for all the dead batteries laying around and all the other associated costs. The government can’t supplement this crap forever can they??

  3. Danno

    I hope the majority of Caddy dealers give GM the middle finger leaving Gestapo GM with no place to sell their POS.

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