Pro Mod Drivers and Team Owners Form Real Pro Mod Association (RPM)

Pro Mod Drivers and Team Owners Form Real Pro Mod Association (RPM)

In a move that gives NHRA Pro Mod Drivers and Team Owners some power in numbers, they have formed Real Pro Mod, aka RPM, in an effort to preserve and promote the future of Pro Mod Racing. Despite being labeled an NHRA Professional Class, Pro Mod has always been sort of the redheaded step child of NHRA Pro Classes, and being as they are the Fuel Altereds of the 21st century, this kinda makes sense. RPM has been formed to make sure they continue to put on the greatest door slammer show in drag racing, and that they can continue to grow the class and draw for years to come.

More information will be coming soon, but here is what we’ve gotten so far. We’ll keep you posted with more as it comes through.

Team Owners and Drivers form REAL PRO MOD ASSOCIATION (rpm)

Team owners committed to pro mod cars and their continued participation at NHRA events have formed Real Pro Mod (RPM).

The association has been created to preserve and promote the future of these amazing spectacles of drag racing.   Pro Mods are touted as the fuel altereds of the 21st century.  With more than 3,000 horsepower, the suspended door pro mod cars travel the quarter mile in under six seconds and at speeds exceeding 250 mph.

RPM is committed to the following goals:

  • Secure sponsorship so the NHRA Pro Mod Drag Racing Series can continue past 2013
  • Provide input to NHRA on rule changes to achieve parity between the different power adder combinations
  • Promote diversity within the class to invite spectator interest and involvement
  • Maintain the most exciting and competitive door to door racing on the planet


RPM has worked with NHRA in recent weeks regarding its formation and intention.   NHRA applauds the efforts of the RPM to secure funding for the future, because such funding is necessary for the NHRA Pro Mod Drag Racing Series to continue beyond the 2013 season.

The accomplishments and resumes of the founders of this unique organization are impressive in their own right.  All members are self-made businessmen that actively participate as drivers, team owners and/or crew chiefs who understand how to make a venture successful. The formation of the Real Pro Mod Association highlights that this is not just a passing fancy but instead, a commitment by the stars of the sport to shepherd the future of this class.

Look for future releases about the RPM in the coming weeks.  For more information or how to get involved with the RPM and the mountain of opportunities this association can bring to you and your organization, visit WWW.REALPROMOD.COM

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2 thoughts on “Pro Mod Drivers and Team Owners Form Real Pro Mod Association (RPM)

  1. Jerzy Goon

    I hope this works … I think the Pro-mod class should be at every event. These are some of my favorite cars and I think they should be included in every event. I would much rather watch pro-mods than the pro stock bike, but I would like all of the classes to get a fair shake as well.

    1. Orv

      YA Pro Mods !
      why NHRA cutting its nose off, to spite its face, by giving Pro Mods the cold shoulder is beyond me. Maybe Force should campaign a Pro Mod …lol
      re: pro stock bike.
      love the bike class, but if its a “stock” class let the metrics run fuel injection, dual cams etc etc. as in production, and we’ll see some racing. Bring on metric top fuel too !

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