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BangShift Project Files: Following Along As A 1968 Mercury Cougar Gets Put Back Together

BangShift Project Files: Following Along As A 1968 Mercury Cougar Gets Put Back Together

Langleylad’s 1968 Cougar has been one of the more intricate builds featured on the project car forums. He’s been working on it for years now, and it’s a sincere, in-depth build that has seen tons of sandpaper, welding wire, primer and time getting used up in the name of turning a Mercury that has the potential to be really wicked into something. There is so much done to this car that it’s honestly difficult to track all of it…whether it’s the modified 1968 Mustang valance panel that was massaged to fit the Mercury’s nose, the perfected bodylines, the work needed to put a 6.0 LS into the car (yes, Ford fans, it’s a swap), Langleylad’s been deep in the middle of it all, working minute after minute, hour after hour to make the Cougar of his dreams come to life. And we are happy to see that he’s passed the paint milestone and has started to work on final reassembly.

Langelylad Cougar 2langelylad cougar 3Langelylad Cougar 4

When you are staring at a pile of parts and a shell of a car, wondering if and when everything will be put back together can wear on you. Once things start getting bolted back together and it starts looking like a car again, that’s when you start to see the light at the end of the tunnel. We are looking forward to seeing this Cougar up and moving soon! Meanwhile, you can check out what has been going on with the silver Mercury by clicking the link below:

BangShift Project Files: Langleylad’s 1968 Cougar Project

langeleylad cougar 5


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16 thoughts on “BangShift Project Files: Following Along As A 1968 Mercury Cougar Gets Put Back Together

  1. 383Duster

    It is his car and he can put any motor in it he wants….but, to do that much work and then wimp out with an LS?………This car needs a stroked small block FORD in it…..

    1. langleylad

      “wimp” out ……………… putting an LS engine in a Mercury is far from “wimping” out . Sticking a 383 in a Duster using factory parts is “really” hard . Good for you big guy .

  2. bkbridges

    Im finally finishing up my wife’s gold 68 Cougar build as well. Im still short a good differential and brakes, so I wont be able to really work out the EFI’d 347 and built AODE combo until those things happen. Dont know if it will make the same power as the LS, but its all Ford…And Im a Mopar guy. Battle of the gold 68 Cougars?

    1. langleylad

      It’s nice to see some Cougars getting some love . Good for you for keeping it all Ford if that’s your cup of tea . I don’t mind swapping but I would never put a Hemi in anything other than a Mopar or anything other than a Chevrolet motor in a Chevrolet . Fords have always had their hoods open to a swap in my eyes , how many old Fords have Chevys in them ………….. lots !. BTW minds Metallic Silver , anybody have a problem with that ?. Too bad .

    1. langleylad

      Hahaha , are you a Fraser Valley boy ? Thanks , it won’t e ready for the Cruise In this summer ( or the next ) $$$$$$ . We can always meet for a beer there .

      1. crazy canuck

        I”m 2 blocks north of the george preston rec center in langley good to see a local guy make the forum .

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