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Scrapple, The NAIAS Platter! Here’s The Rundown On All Of The “Other” Rides In Detroit!

Scrapple, The NAIAS Platter! Here’s The Rundown On All Of The “Other” Rides In Detroit!

(Lead Photo: Fox-2 Detroit) The North American International Auto Show is over, and sadly it wasn’t quite the throwdown special that we got to see last year. Buick did serve up a beautiful slice of filet mignon with the Avista coupe, and Lincoln actually made good on last year’s promise and produced the production version of the Continental sedan. While it’s too early to tell whether or not it’s enough to turn Lincoln’s fortunes around, but we will see. But that wasn’t all that appeared inside of Cobo Hall…here’s the rundown on all of the “other” listings that appeared that people were bothered to write about:

1. Chrysler Pacifica

chrysler pacifica

Face it, Hellcat sales alone can’t float FCA. Truck sales are alright, but for FCA to do more than survive, something else had to happen and rightfully so, the next big targeted vehicle was the minivan, the vehicle that Chrysler rode to glory on in the 1980s. Out went the boxy styling and the “Town and Country” name, in came an all-new design and the name Pacifica…something that is making Lohnes’ left eye twitch ever so slightly. Adding Chrysler 200-style appearances is one thing, but adding a Hybrid system that FCA is claiming will hit 80 mpg-E is an eye-raiser. Here’s hoping it sells…the more minivans move, the more likely that stuff like Hellcats will keep appearing!

2. Ford Fusion Sport

fusion sport

Remember the days when 325 horsepower and 350 ft/lbs of torque would make you king of the freaking mountain? Now they’re available in an all-wheel-drive, turbocharged six-cylinder midsize sedan from Ford. Again…this is the slightly sporty version…not even the ST or RS version that fans are asking for! The body got a slight refresh, but overall that’s nothing. After being surprised by a Ford Edge last year, we are genuinely curious about what that kind of power feels like in the Fusion.

3. Chevrolet Bolt and Cruze hatchback

chevrolet bolt chevrolet cruze

GM, meanwhile, decided that smaller is better for Chevrolet. When your big hit is a two door hardtop Buick, you might as well bunt for the other brands. The Bolt is the EV that Chevy has been dreaming up for a bit, and is slated to have a roughly 200 mile range between charges. For comparison purposes, that’s within striking distance…and possibly better…than the Tesla Model S 60 series. No wonder GM got cocky enough to call them out during the unveiling! The Cruze hatchback is simply an overseas idea coming to America, though some GM spokespeople have admitted that there might be room for a performance variant.

4. Lexus LC500

Lexus LC500

It’s a near-copy of the 2012 LC-LF concept, is the wildest thing to come out of Toyota since the Lexus LF-A, will cost about a hundred grand even, and yes, it still has Lexus’s trademark “Predator Mouth” grille theme going. A 5.0L, 467 horsepower V8 and ten-speed automatic (good lord!) move the LC500 around. Call us jaded, but that doesn’t seem like near enough power for the platform. Lexus building hot rods…cool. Lexus building a $100,000 luxury coupe and passing it off as a hot rod? Nope.

5. Honda Ridgeline


You have to credit Honda for at least trying. The new Ridgeline is pretty much the same deal as the old: six-cylinder power, all-wheel drive (except base models, which will be front wheel drive!) and a trunk-within-a-bed. It’s the closest thing to an honest-to-goodness ute sold in America, but whether this second gen will do any better than the first generation has yet to be seen.

6. VLF Destino 

VLF Destino

Half of me is in full-on lust with this car: it takes the former Fisker Karma EV, guts the “EV” part out for Corvette Z06 running gear, and removes that idiotic electric shaver nose and puts on a handsome open-grille face instead. The rest of the car certainly didn’t need any upgrading, as it was an otherwise fairly pretty vehicle. So why does half of me hate it? VLF is a conglomeration that involves Bob Lutz and Henrik Fisker, which could be…well, entertaining…and the car itself is almost twice the price of the original Karma, nearing $229,000.

7. VLF Force 1

VLF Force 1Last but not least, the car that has Aston Martin’s knickers in a twist, the Force 1. This is a reskinned Dodge Viper that is packing a 745 horsepower V-10, a two-bottle champagne holder between the seats, and a $268,000 price tag. YIKES. Do I see Aston Martin anywhere on this car? Nope. What I see is a real-life interpretation of the “morph” car from the television show VIPER.

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  1. Herb

    Chrysler cars look lovely but if they stick with the wheezy, weak ass Fiat motors, they won’t get my attention.

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