The RideTech Report: Ridler Domination Continues, New Events Announced, Customer Cars, Cool Shops, MORE!

The RideTech Report: Ridler Domination Continues, New Events Announced, Customer Cars, Cool Shops, MORE!

Well the guys and girls at RideTech have really outdone themselves this time. The latest RideTech report is an amazing look at what the company has going on all fronts and it is crazy. Obviously they are proud for their continued domination of the Ridler Award winning contingent. For the last six years, the Ridler winner has had RideTech suspension underpinning it and that is a testament to the confidence and quality that RideTech has built their reputation on. These are the highest end hot rods in the world and they have to function. The suspension that these builders are choosing to optimize ride height, functionality, and performance is RideTech. No denying it!

Along with that news we have all kinds of product updates, videos, customer projects, a shop profile that happens to be on the joint that built the Ridler award winner in 2016 and a whole lot more. Check out the announcement oat the Road Trip: Cars and Cones event. Think of this as pro touring drag week with four states and lots of miles being driven by competitors who will autocross ever single day on the trip. Beating on their cars and then cruising to the next stop. There’s all kinds of stuff to see and do and we’re sure people are going to love it. Registration is still open. Get in on the fun!

Check out the RideTech Report below – This is the most awesome one yet!

RideTech Scores Big in Detroit
2016 Ridler Winner Rides on RideTech!

This past weekend brought the 64th annual Detroit Autorama; and along with it, the Great 8 Finalists and winner of the Ridler Award. And for the 6th year running, the Ridler winner rides on RideTech products!! This year’s award went to the amazing OLDS COOL by Customs and Hot Rods of Andice, a long-time RideTech customer.  We are so proud that our products and service are being recognized for their quality by gracing so many of these great builds. In addition to that impressive record, 4 out of this year’s Great 8 are RideTech customers; not many companies can claim that kind of distinction!  We’d like to congratulate everyone on their amazing craftsmanship, and thank you all for choosing RideTech!
Above is a representation of the last 6 Ridler winners, all riding on RideTech products. These builds include:2016: 1939 “OLDS COOL” Oldsmobile by Customs and Hot Rods of Andice, owned by Billy & Debbie Thomas
2015: 1965 “Imposter” Impala by Chip Foose, owned by Don & Elma Voth
2014: 1964 “Rivision” Buick Riviera by JF Launier
2013: 1940 “Checkered Past” Ford Coupe by Cal Automotive Creations, owned by Ron & Deb Cizek
2012: 1955 Ford T-Bird by Greening Auto Company, owned by Dwayne Peace
2011: 1956 Ford Sunliner Convertible by Steve Cook Creations and Bruck Ricks

More information on each of these builds can be found at the links above.  Below are the 4 RideTech-equipped Great 8 finalists of 2016; the Double Bubble by Greening Auto Company, the ’37 Ford by Kenny’s Rod Shop, the ’39 Olds by Customs and Hot Rods of Andice, and the ’76 Falcon by Chris & Colleen Bitmead.  Judging this competition must have been tough, because these are all some first-rate builds!

LIVE StreetGrip Install at GoodGuys Scottsdale!We firmly believe that the best way to show that our product is truly a bolt-on solution is to do just that…bolt it on!  At the upcoming GoodGuys Scottsdale show, we’re going to take this 1968 Chevelle and give it the StreetGrip treatment.  We’ll start out Saturday morning with the stock suspension and run a few autocross laps, then drive it to our booth and begin the install.  After the install is complete, we’ll run a few more laps (and likely the rest of the weekend!) to demonstrate the enhancements.  If you’d like to see – and feel – the difference for yourself, stop by and let us take you for a ride; you’ll be glad you did!  We’ll also have updates posted on our website.  See you in Scottsdale!
The 48-Hour Corvette is complete, and was here in the shop! Chris Smith stopped for a visit on his way to the GoodGuys Scottsdale show. We’ll be applying the sponsor decals today before Chris hits the road.  And of course, the guys couldn’t let it go without taking it off the trailer and doing a few early-morning burnouts! :)The Corvette looks great in shiny new paint!  The silver ’69 Mustang is also back; it’s getting a new set of wheels before Scottsdale.  The rivalry for the top spot between Bret and Chris is reaching a fever pitch; watch our newsletter, Facebook page, and website for updates as the show goes on and see who wins!

We love to see our products in action!!
If you’d like to submit your ride for a chance to be featured in our weekly newsletter, you can share it with us via social media or email.  And stay tuned to our Facebook and Instagram pages for chances to win cool RideTech stuff!
Nick Relampagos took 3rd place in the Autocross at last weekend’s OSUSC Thunderhill event on brand-new RideTech HQ CoilOvers; congratulations, Nick!!
This 1951 Merc by Earl Bergeron is equipped with RideTech RidePRO digital controls and LevelPRO ride height sensors!
The 1964 Impala SS by Doug Ide of Ide Innovations is low, smooth, and cool on RideTech air suspension!
Customs and Hot Rods of Andice has proven to be the best in the Austin, TX area time and time again. Not only to they hold the distinction of building the 2016 Ridler Award winner, they also took the GoodGuys Muscle Machine of the Year in 2015 with their awesome 1968 Corvette. No matter what the project, CHRA has you covered with a well-equipped team of hot rod professionals who strive to work with integrity in mind. It is their goal to offer you quality custom service, and their goal to treat you right while building the unthinkable.  Located just north of Austin, TX, their facility is gated, air conditioned, locked, and well kept.  Their capabilities include fabrication, paint and body work, and coach building.  Visit their website and Facebook pages to see what they’re working on next!Website:
Phone: 512-843-5890
Email: [email protected]

For information on how to become a RideTech dealer, please contact Darren Schilling at [email protected].
When it comes to the 2nd Gen F-body, RideTech has you covered with quality systems for ANY performance level!  From updating your stock components with the StreetGrip system to a full-on performance build with our Level 3 Air or Coil systems and everywhere in between, we can help. No matter what level you choose, you will dramatically improve your handling and performance, while getting “down” with an attitude the way you want and the way your budget allows. Call us today for more information at 812-481-4787!
Longer, lower, and wider than its predecessor, the second gen Camaro was dubbed by GM to bemuch more of “A Driver’s Car”. Those that own them today can tell you that while it may be better than the earlier models, it’s still not great, especially after 30+ years! With the StreetGrip system, you can get your 2nd gen handling better than the designers ever imagined…and do so easily and affordably. We’ve driven and studied hundreds of these cars, and when it comes to ride, handling, and quality, the StreetGrip system has you covered!
The Level 1 systems include everything you need to completely upgrade your existing suspension.  The bolt-in 4-link, available in both the CoilOver suspension kit and the ShockWave suspension kit, will position the rear more precisely and eliminate the flexing and instability of the leafspring rear.   The benefit of buying a complete suspension system is that it takes out all of the guesswork when purchasing a new suspension.  RideTech has spent numerous hours collecting data to find the perfect spring rates and components for your vehicle’s performance and ride quality.
The Level 2 systems for both the CoilOver and ShockWave suspensions include our StrontArm tubular control arms. They also include the popular RideTech Handling Quality (HQ) shocks, providing more adjustment and performance potential for both track and ride quality. For anyone looking for a system that runs well right out of the box while leaving the opportunity for quick adjustments, we recommend this kit!
The Level 3 systems include everything you need to completely upgrade your existing suspension. onUpper and lower control arms, a rear 4-link, and the ultimate in shocks with our Track Quality (TQ) series triple-adjustable shocks.  The Level 3 packages include the best of every option we have to offer and are specifically engineered to exceed your driving expectations, no matter if it’s Road Atlanta with a helmet on or I-70 west out of Denver with a trunk full of luggage.  If you’re wanting the ultimate in bolt-in performance and ride quality, the Level 3 packages have all of your bases covered!
Scott Mock, owner of Vintage Racing & Performance, builder of the Carbon Kustoms Cochise Project, tells us why he chose RideTech shocks for this build.
RideTech Testimonial - Scott Mock - 2nd Gen FireBird
Albert Melchior, owner of Carbon Kustoms, gives us his opinion of the RideTech shocks!
GoodGuys 7th Spring NationalsScottsdale, AZ
March 4-6, 2016

Click HERE for more details

GoodGuys 6th Spring Lone Star Nationals

Fort Worth, TX
March 11-13, 2016Click HERE for more details

GoodGuys 34th All American Get-TogetherPleasanton, CA
March 19-20, 2016

Click HERE for more details

Who wants to go on a Road Trip?!

Welcome to a brand new street car event called Road Trip – Cars and Cones 2016.

The Road Trip event is scheduled for May 2- 6, 2016 and will be a traveling autocross caravan. The Road Trip will begin in Concord, NC and meander through four states, concluding in scenic southern Indiana. Featuring four autocross events in five days, along with a scenic cruise route and organized social activities each day, The Road Trip captures all of the driving elements that appeal to true grassroots automotive enthusiasts. Each day of the event will start with a 100-200 mile cruise, followed by five hours of autocross, finishing up with a catered dinner and parking lot party.

The Road Trip will also offer one of the largest performance automotive door prize raffles in country – over $70,000 in performance parts will be given away to the participants during the five-day event. Raffle prizes include everything from suspension kits, ultra high-performance tires, big brake kits, batteries and chargers; up to a complete set of wheels and a full chassis. Nearly all raffle prizes have a minimum $1000 retail value!  Registration is filling up fast; visit to secure a spot before they’re gone.  We’d love to see you on the road!

Want to come out to a GoodGuys event and see what all the fuss is about?  Follow the link below to download a coupon and save a few bucks; we’d love to see you there!DOWNLOAD COUPON HERE

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