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Are Headlight Restoration Kits Worth The Money? Who Makes The Best Headlight Restoration Kit in 2024? Let’s Find Out!

Are Headlight Restoration Kits Worth The Money? Who Makes The Best Headlight Restoration Kit in 2024? Let’s Find Out!

In the early 1990’s, American car and truck manufacturers started making major changes to headlight designs as government regulations changed to allow different shapes and styles of headlights that were smaller and more aerodynamic. Over the years those headlight designs have become even more aerodynamic and a much bigger part of the overall frontal area of modern cars. And the result is much larger headlights, even though they use the same replaceable bulbs in many examples, some models have a giant plastic housing while others are smaller. Regardless, older models very often have foggy lights as a result of weathering in the sun. There are lots of home remedies for cleaning and protecting the headlights, but at some point you either need to replace them or polish them to make them clear again.

And it isn’t just the looks that are affected by foggy lights, as they also aren’t nearly as bright when the light can’t get through the lenses. Lucky for us there are lots of kits available to restore you lenses. But are any of them any good? Some of them claim you can just wipe them down with a cloth and magic sauce, or magic wet wipes, and they will be good to go. Hell, if you live in a big city you have undoubtedly been approached by someone at the gas station offering to restore your headlights while you fill up, for just a few bucks. But do any of these actually work? And are they only good for a few days or weeks?

I have to say, I always look at the cost of new lights and compare that to the price of one of these kits, before every attempting to restore them. It just doesn’t make sense to spend the same money, and the time, if you aren’t going to get great results.

So when the Project Farm channel on YouTube put out a video yesterday that actually tested headlight restoration kits against each other, I was all in. There are no sponsorships here, so this video is absolutely as impartial as possible and as scientific as is reasonable. So watch, and see what you think, to decide which on you are getting to use on your car.

Video Description:

Some headlight restoration kits just don’t restore headlights, but they do cost you precious time and money. So, let’s test 7 leading brands and we’ll find out which brand is the best of the best!

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