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BangShift Tech: 700-R4 Transmission Rebuild Part One

BangShift Tech: 700-R4 Transmission Rebuild Part One

Jeff Bradley, known as IndyShiftman on the BangShift.com forums owns and operated a transmission shop in the Indianapolis, Indiana area. He’s become our de-facto source for transmission info, tech tips, and answers to our dumb questions. Another BangShifter dropped off a 700-R4 at Jeff’s shop and he’s documenting the whole rebuild process.

As much as we love wrenching on stuff, we appreciate the hell out of professionals who do this stuff for a living. Even stripping an automatic transmission requires a level of knowledge that we’ve not acquired yet.

Thankfully, Jeff shot a ton of photos documenting literally every step of both taking the transmission apart and inspecting the various parts for wear and tear. He can handle a camera as well as he can talk servos and sun gears. 

Hit the link below to see the painstaking process behind taking a GM 700-R4 overdrive transmission apart. 

If you are in the Indy area and have the need for transmission service please make Bradley Transmission Service your first stop.

LINK: Bradley Transmission Service (Jeff’s Shop)

Click here to see the full thread of photos and info from Jeff Bradley pulling a 700-R4 apart 

Holy pile of parts! 

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