Make It Kustom And HalfAss Kustoms Cab Over Ramp Truck: Welding Starts On The Bed For The 1971 GMC Cabover Ramp Truck!

Make It Kustom And HalfAss Kustoms Cab Over Ramp Truck: Welding Starts On The Bed For The 1971 GMC Cabover Ramp Truck!

It’s time for more welding! A big stack of tubing and plate are going to be used to build the bed and make this thing the ultimate hot rod hauler. It’s got a special payload planned for the first trip already, but there is a ton of work that has to happen before it can happen. Check out the latest progress!

In this video from the Fire Truck turned Ramp Truck, where Make It Kustom and HalfAss Kustoms have gotten together to thrash on Karl’s Make It Kustom rig, you’ll see the bed start getting welded up! The custom air ride and steering are already done, and Karl designed and installed dual shocks on each front corner to make this thing ride just right. It also got some sway bar love front and rear because otherwise this thing might lean over onto its side around a freeway on ramp. The front got custom mounts for the stock GM swaybar that came with the Topkick Chassis. In the rear it got something super simple, but totally custom. Now it’s time for dual rear shocks. Check out how Karl tackles this one, and what he has to think about before he can just start cutting and welding.

This project has been a fun one to watch, it started when Brent from Halfass Kustoms and Karl from Make It Kustom got together to make Karl’s ramp truck project into an LS swapped and air ride equipped cab and chassis in just a few days. Their goal for this project was to make it run and do a burnout before Brent had to go back home to Manitoba. It’s a lot to do in just 4 days, but they made it happen! But a lot has happened since then!

That’s right, just 4 days to get the cab mounted and the tilt function working, fabricating and installing an entirely new steering system, mounting and installing the engine and transmission, cooling system, engine wiring, cab wiring, cutting the rear chassis and installing a step notch and full fabricated 4-link suspension system, and so much more. No, it won’t be a finished ride at the end of the series, but it should be able to be moved in and out of the shop under its own power so that Karl will be able to make the big ramp happen.

Check it out below and make sure you comment in the comments section below with what you think about this cool project.


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