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The Banana Boat: 1973 Pontiac Grand Am 455, Proof That Power And Comfort Could Exist

The Banana Boat: 1973 Pontiac Grand Am 455, Proof That Power And Comfort Could Exist

I’ve held a belief for years that somewhere around 1972, a civil war erupted within Pontiac. On one side you had Herb Adams and everybody who idealized power, performance, a bit of flash, and a lot of competency. The “Excitement Division” folk before that was even a thing. On the other side, you had an old guard that disliked any and every part of the boy-racer program and wanted Pontiac to become more fluffy, more comfort, more…well, looking back on the 1970s and 1980s products, we have to say more Oldsmobile. You can spot when each side scored a win. The Trans-Am led the charge for the hot rodders, while names like Bonneville, Catalina and Parisienne fronted the sofa-on-wheels set. And it stayed this way until the Tupperware team really went to town in the 1990s, giving us such gems as the ribbed-for-who’s-pleasure Grand Prix and Grand Am front-drivers.

But in 1973, there was a compromise of sorts, a car that could both be class and haul ass. The Grand Am had it all, and compared even to the GTO, which was looking mighty plain by comparison all of a sudden, the Grand Am looked the business. Okay, it’s a Colonnade car with three leading edges up front and the thinnest ass on a 1970s car that we can think of, but for a 1973 product, it was proper. With engine choices starting with the 4o0ci V8 and going straight up to the 455 (but sadly, not the Super Duty mill) and Pontiac’s Radial Tuned Suspension, the Grand Am could hustle. The inside was sorted, with the Grand Prix’s full gauge setup available, tachometer included.

Many would walk away from this car simply because there’s four doors. Let them miss out. This is the family man’s hot rod and it should be cherished as such.

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5 thoughts on “The Banana Boat: 1973 Pontiac Grand Am 455, Proof That Power And Comfort Could Exist

  1. bob

    These were great cars. I had a ’73 2 dr. They were engineered way ahead of their time. RIP Poncho.

  2. Gavin

    I’m currently working through a body-off-frame rebuild on a 73 two door. This is my second 73 Grand Am. I was an idiot to ever sell the first. Admittedly biased here, but I think the 73’s are an amazing styling standout that somehow slipped relatively untouched through corporate channels. My completely subjective observation here, but there was nothing else in the mid-size, (HA!), range in 73 that even came close to the dramatic styling cues of this car. I recall seeing these when they first came out, (I’m that old), and just being gobsmacked by the styling. Seeing more of these being restored now, but they’re rare. For their size these cars handle amazingly well and are a blast to drive. Hope it goes to a good home. GLWS!

  3. drivindadsdodge

    only thing missing from this one is a 4 speed … I understand a few were built

    when they down sized them a couple years later .. Pontiac hit the Home run with styling with molded in bumpers front and rear …

    1. jerry z

      My brother looked at a triple burgundy ’73 4 Dr 4 spd Grand Am back in 1974 at a dealership. Ended buying a Sun Bug.

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